Pick up your macramé wall hangings, vintage-looking rugs, and paint all in the same place.

By Lauren Phillips
Updated June 25, 2019
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Urban Outfitters Home and Backdrop paint
Credit: urbanoutfitters.com

Deciding to tackle a painting project (as long as it doesn’t include would-be floor tile paint) is easy; picking just one of seemingly endless paint colors to use for the project is another story entirely. The fact that paints are typically only sold at hardware stores or specialty paint stores only adds to the difficulty: Most people don’t meander into hardware stores to peruse swatches the way they might look at shoes or furniture. Planning a trip (or several) to the hardware store is part of the process, but it can also drag the process out, especially if area hardware stores are sparse or out of the way.

Paint company Backdrop launched to make the paint shopping process easier, and now it’s working with Urban Outfitters to make buying paint as easy as buying a pair of shoes. Starting in late June, the Urban Outfitters Home offerings are expanding to include some Backdrop paint colors and painting gear, so anyone planning to do a small-scale paint update around the house can get everything they need to get the job done at the same place they buy wall hangings or trendy tops.

The new collaboration—the first time Backdrop paints and products have been available outside the Backdrop website—will be available online and in select Urban Outfitters stores in North America and includes six of Backdrop’s signature paint colors: Tanlines, Surf Camp, Not So Delicate, Modern Love, Moonstone, and Natural Habitat.

The paint colors range from soft pastels and neutrals to a bold blue and a sunny yellow, and all come in Backdrop’s standard semi-matte finish, so they’re great for use indoors on trim, walls, doors, and more. Each paint comes in a resealable gallon container (good news for touch-ups and smaller projects) and costs $49. Urban Outfitters will also be selling Backdrop’s Essentials Kit, which costs $45 and includes paint rollers, a tray, and painter’s tape.

For specialized paint projects—or home painters with specific tastes and color preferences—buying paint from Urban Outfitters may not work out. But for quick, colorful projects that suit the casual UO aesthetic, picking up a gallon of paint from the closest store—or adding one to an online order of new curtains—can simplify a complicated process. (If there’s a lead paint concern or you’re dead-set on chalk paint, you’ll probably want to work with experts at a specialty store.) With Backdrop’s quick-drying, low-odor paints, painting projects are a whole lot easier, and they’re all-but guaranteed to look good, too. You just need to learn how to paint a room and you’ll be set.