The Top 5 Paint Trends of Fall 2021

Think deep colors, cool accents, and contrasting finishes.

sage painted wall and a coral couch
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This fall, nesting trends continue as many homeowners are looking for ways to spruce up their spaces before the holiday season hits. Along with certain hues gaining popularity, eye-catching ideas, such as contrasting moldings and colorful ceilings, are on the rise. Plus, after years of smooth, solid-color walls, textured finishes are making a comeback. Check out the top five paint trends for fall 2021 and let them inspire your next DIY project.

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Rich Shades of Green

Dark Green Paint in Dining Room
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This year, complex shades of green are showing up in every single room of the house. Skip the crayon box colors and opt for something with depth. Rich shades of olive and sage green are appearing on kitchen cabinets, while deeper greens add moody ambience to dining rooms.

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Contrasting Trimwork

Contrasting Window Trim in Modern Kitchen
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Whether brushed on the baseboards, crown molding, or window trim, painting moldings and trim a different color than the walls has become a popular look in 2021. Many are painting their window trim black to draw attention to this architectural detail. Painting the trim a different shade of the same hue, such as painting the molding off-white and the walls a crisp white, is also trending. Especially if your house has impressive moldings or beautiful paned windows, this is an easy way to highlight your home's best features.

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Ceilings Are the New Accent Wall

Orange bookcase in living room
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This year, the forgotten fifth wall is getting a long-awaited makeover as more designers are considering wallpaper, wood paneling, and unexpected paint colors for the ceiling. In the 2021 Real Simple Home, interior designer Natalie Papier brought wow-factor to the living room by painting a vibrant gold stripe, in Bugle Call by Valspar, that runs along the ceiling and continues onto the faux built-in shelves. The sunny hue lights up the room and encourages the eye to travel up to the ceiling.

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Monochrome Moments

green paint in office
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Another paint trend spotted in the Real Simple Home is camouflaging furniture and shelving by painting it the same color as the wall. In the attic office, designer Ryia Jose painted the walls and trim a rich shade of green, and then continued the color onto the shelves and bench. To create a similar monochrome moment in your own home, consider repainting a cabinet or bookshelf and the wall behind it in the same color.

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Textured Wall Treatments

Lime Wash Office Wall in Gray
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To add interest, texture, and depth to walls, many designers are introducing specialty finishes, such as lime wash or tinted plaster. Lime wash paint is brushed onto the wall in rough, overlapping brushstrokes, and as the paint dries, the lime in the paint appears as lighter areas. The end result is a wall with subtle movement, reminiscent of swirling clouds or a choppy sea.

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