Just one can of spray paint can do wonders in giving old pieces new life. The experts at Krylon shared their advice for achieving the best finish.

By Tamara Kraus
Updated June 09, 2017
Krylon/Classy Clutter
Krylon/Classy Clutter

Shake It Up

First things first: turn the can upside down and agitate it to loosen the marble and mix pigments before painting.

Test First

Prior to painting, give the can a test on a scrap piece of material to get a feel for the spray pattern and appropriate spray distance to prevent any streaks or splotches.

Employ “Assistants”

Grab a lazy Susan from the kitchen and cover it with a newspaper. Place the item you want painted on top, turn the wheel, and you’ll end up with even coverage.

Deter Dust

Ensure a clean surface by wiping down your item with a static-free monitor wipe to remove any lingering dust.

Repurpose Waste

Push the screw portion of pulls and knobs into an upside down egg carton to keep them securely in place during painting. This way, you can give all the hardware a fresh finish at once (as opposed to one at a time). Bonus: This will also eliminate the likelihood of getting paint all over your fingers.

Tape It Off

To ensure a clean, crisp line when using painter’s tape, peel it off about 5 to 10 minutes after spraying—before the paint has time to completely cure.

Be Patient

Don’t let a lack of patience destroy a perfect paint job. If you’re going to layer on multiple colors, wait at least 24 (if not 48) hours to make sure the first layer has completely cured.

Invest in a Spray Gun

For larger projects, a spray gun attachment (like Krylon’s Snap & Spray) will help reduce finger fatigue and ensure a precise application over the entire piece.

Build a Booth

Use a cardboard box as a spray booth to prevent any overspray from discoloring other surfaces and to protect the painted product from outside debris.

Check out Krylon’s YouTube channel for more visual tutorials.