And we can't stop talking about the results. 
Paint Color Personality Quiz, living room with paint colors
Credit: Sherwin-Williams

We've probably all taken online personality quizzes before. They've helped us figure out which Enneagram type we are, they've sorted us into Hogwarts houses (and then matched us with a Patronus), and they've even determined once and for all which Friends character we are most like. Well, this week Sherwin-Williams is giving the standard personality quiz a home decor spin with the launch of its new ColorSnap Color ID quiz. After taking the quiz this morning (spoiler alert: I got "The Dreamer") and quickly convincing all of my coworkers to do the same, we can't stop chatting about the results. While some of us wished we'd gotten matched with another palette (don't worry, no matter the outcome, there's nothing stopping us from shopping all of the palettes!), others felt like their results were spot-on. After so much debate, I'm feeling particularly inspired to pick up a paintbrush—and maybe even add some coral accents to my home.

The process of taking the Color ID quiz is similar to other online quizzes: After answering just a handful of questions about our decor preferences, music taste, and favorite plants, we were each matched with a personality type and its corresponding color palette. Instead of a singular color, the results guide you towards a range of 16 coordinated options to help you explore fresh paint colors you've maybe never considered. The paint colors aren't bound to a specific home decor style, so no matter if your style is more modern farmhouse or warm industrial, you'll be able to incorporate your favorite paint colors from the palette into your space.

In total, there are eight distinct personality types and color palettes, including a Minimalist range that's full of soothing grays and a Creative palette that features bold colors for confident home decorators, such as a peacock blue. No matter which personality type you get, each palette includes some neutral paint colors (including trim options) as well as more daring hues. Go bold or play it safe—either way, you'll likely find an option you might never have considered if you were just browsing paint chips at the store.

Curious which Sherwin-Williams paint colors are the most popular? Just check out the Nurturer palette, which features some of the brand's best-selling paint colors. If you're on the hunt for a crowd-pleasing shade of blue or the ideal shade of off-white, you'll find it here. Whether you choose an unexpected hue or a timeless paint color you'll want to live with for years, go with your gut and pick a color that resonates with you.