Sherwin Williams Announced Its 2023 Color of the Year—and It Evokes All The Coziness We're Craving

It's going to make you want to curl up in a blanket with a warm mug between your hands.

As we head into fall, we're starting to see all the signature colors of the season returning to nature, our wardrobes, our kitchens, and more. Each year, we practice the same rituals, pulling our favorite sweaters out of storage, swapping our iced coffee for hot, and, often, wishing these warm and cozy feelings could last all year. Well, Sherwin Williams is making the case that they can. The brand's 2023 Color of the Year, Redend Point, is an earthy blush-beige—a subtle take on those seasonal browns and reds with a more evergreen appeal.

sherwin williams color of the year
Sherwin Williams

Sue Wadden, director of color marketing at Sherwin-Williams, says the color choice is in line with a continued trend toward warmer neutrals. "We're seeing a greater interest in earthy elements and inviting hues like warmer whites, beiges and browns," she says. "Redend Point SW 9081 is a nourishing hue that we hope will inspire people to think about neutrals differently and realize how a warm, versatile, blush-beige color can easily coordinate and enhance other hues and décor in any space."

Because Redend Point is so versatile, it can work in pretty much every room or nook in the house. Color theory also really comes into play with this shade, as the undertones of the paint can look quite different depending on the other colors you place around it and the lighting in the room.

Hana's Happy Home entryway
Hana's Happy Home

For example, in the light-filled entryway pictured above (courtesy of DIY blog Hana's Happy Home), the color reads as a soft, muted rose. However, in the more dimly lit laundry room pictured below (courtesy of New Orleans-based LGBTQ lifestyle blog Probably This), the color reads as a warm, light brown, like the color of hot coffee after mixing in cream—depending on how much you like to add.

Probably This laundry room
Probably This

Wadden recommends pairing Redent Point with grounding neutrals, like Urbane Bronze and Foothills, or tonal clays, like Hushed Auburn and Malted Milk.

If you're not ready for a full paint job, however, you can still incorporate this earthy shade into your home. To take the 2023 Color of the Year announcement one step further, Sherwin Williams teamed up with Etsy to curate a selection of home decor items, art, and accessories that all bring the color into play.

"We know how color and a fresh coat of paint can easily and beautifully transform a space, but we also wanted to help consumers see how they can bring Redend Point to life in countless ways at home," Wadden says. Some of those ways include this sunset rose linen bedding set and this sculptural terra-cotta candle holder.

Paint color wheel fanned out on a white surface
Sonja Bauer/EyeEm/Getty Images

"These goods were intentionally curated to include products that represent this blush-beige more directly and others that complement the hue thematically through grounding neutrals and warm tones," Wadden adds.

Along with the theme of slower living in our homes, the curated Etsy goods can help you walk (add a small decor item) before you run (paint an entire room a new color).

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