Design Pros Swear by These 6 Sage Green Paint Colors

This on-trend hue is having a moment.

It might not be easy being green, but it's sure easy to decorate with green—especially when it comes to interior paint. Green plays nicely with just about any other color (seriously, name one color it doesn't look good with—we'll wait), making it a go-to paint choice when designing stylish, yet classic interiors. Of all the possible shades, sage green is especially lovely. Organic and earthy, sage green paint grounds any room it's used in. Need proof? We asked interior designers to share their favorite sage green paint colors, below. These are regret-proof hues you'll be happy to live with for years to come.

dark sage green paint on walls in sun room
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Saybrook Sage by Benjamin Moore

light sage green paint with potted plants in front
Benjamin Moore

"I love Benjamin Moore's Saybrook Sage, because it instantly softens a space, while still feeling neutral," says Molly Torres Portnof of DATE Interiors. It pairs equally well with bold, bright colors and subtle hues, she explains. "It also works in a multitude of spaces, like a powder room, bedroom, or kitchen. Painting the walls, trim, and doors in Saybrook Sage is an easy way to make a space feel charming and cozy."

So nice, it's listed twice! Katie Davis of Katie Davis Design in Houston, Texas, also calls Saybrook Sage her go-to sage green paint: "We were tasked with designing a boy's nursery, and Benjamin Moore's Saybrook Sage read more sophisticated than your average nursery paint color. Plus, it was a great match with darker greens and muted yellows and blues. This particular shade is so versatile and works within many different palettes." Not sure where in your home to brush on this hue? "I could see this used on kitchen cabinets for a moment of color, or in a room with lots of light—like a sunroom or sitting room," says Davis. "The subtle green recalls the restorative properties of nature, which we always like to incorporate."

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French Gray by Farrow & Ball

French gray by Farrow & Ball in kitchen with metal hood and sconces
Farrow & Ball

"Although dusty greens are having their moment in the spotlight, we've been using Farrow & Ball's French Gray for quite some time. A subtle, earthy shade, it's a neutral that we're sure we'll be using for many years to come," says interior designer Angela Hamwey of Mackenzie & Co. "It's very soothing and makes any space feel relaxed and calm. It works well with light wood tones as well as soft white walls, but it also pairs so well with black accents. It would look beautiful as a stair accent with black handrails."

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Texas Sage by Benjamin Moore

Texas Sage, a complicated sage, olive tone green paint
Benjamin Moore

"In my book, anything green goes!" says Nancy Lane of Nancy Lane Interiors. "One of my favorites is a gorgeous sage green color from Benjamin Moore called Texas Sage. It's like a muted olive with warm silvery undertones. I'm not afraid to use it anywhere—walls, trim, doors, cabinets—you simply can't go wrong. It's divine!"

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Oil Cloth by Benjamin Moore

Dusty sage green paint on wall with fireplace mantel
Benjamin Moore

Interior designer Julia Miller of Yond Interiors swears by Benjamin Moore's Oil Cloth for its flexibility. "What we love about the color is how flexible it is. It can easily be used in brand new spaces, setting a calm tone, or it can be integrated into existing spaces, adding a fresh and calming experience," she explains. "Oil Cloth is a bit of a chameleon color—at times looking like a fresh sage, and at other times looking like a muted, soft gray-green. It's an earthy color, so it's perfect for bedrooms or offices."

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Green Smoke by Farrow & Ball

bathroom with dark sage green paint and hanging light fixtures
Design by LH.Designs / Photography by Lauren Pressey

"Farrow & Ball's Green Smoke is one of my favorite sage green paint colors. Green Smoke is very complementary, as it can easily pair with many finishes and other colors. It's a perfect sage that can act as a neutral, so other items can stand out in a room," says Linda Hayslett, the designer behind LH.Designs. You don't have to worry about matching when it comes to Green Smoke—Linda promises that this hues goes with everything from gold to black to plum to navy. Plus, it can work in a wide variety of spaces. "Honestly, I'd use this color in any room of the house," she says.

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Kennebunkport Green by Benjamin Moore

Benjamin Moore Kennebunkport Green
Benjamin Moore

"Long before Evergreen Fog became Sherwin-Williams' Color of the Year, I've been a big fan of sage green tones," says interior designer Taniya Nayak of HGTV's Battle on the Beach. "A staple for me has been Benjamin Moore's Kennebunkport Green. Green has always been the one color that serves as a neutral to me. You can pair pretty much any color alongside a green. This one is soothing, as most sage greens should be, but has just enough depth to create a mood in a room." She recommends pairing this earthy hue with shades of white and ivory, as well as richly textured woven or crocheted pieces.

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