9 Pretty Pastel Paint Colors That Will Fill Your Home With Light

Pastel yellow, pinks, and blues, oh my.

Pastel paint colors - pastel pink, pastel yellow, pastel blue, and more
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Pastel paint colors may bring visions of childish bedrooms and nurseries, but those outdated notions don't concern us! Pastels are all grown up now, and they're proving that a little color and soft tones can go anywhere—and make even the smallest of rooms feel light, bright, and beautiful.

On the spectrum of colors—from the boldness of dark paint to the subtlety of neutral paint—pastels offer some of the benefits of both ends. They can make a room feel playful or sophisticated or sunny, depending on what décor and furnishings they're paired with, and they always look refreshing—likely because they're a decisive departure from the all-white interiors popular in the recent past.

A bold wall or striking paint color might get more surprised (and intrigued) reactions from visitors, but a softer pastel will get practically the same reaction—while being a little easier to incorporate. Depending on how light the pastel is, it can blend seamlessly into an existing room's décor, even if that room is oriented around a more neutral color. If anything, pastels are oxymoronic colorful neutrals: pretty enough to pop, but not bold enough to clash. (While that's true for most pastels, it's not a universal rule—don't go too crazy with these shades.)

Take these pastel paint colors as inspiration, then pick your own perfect shade—whether you want to use these colors on your kitchen cabinets or as distinctive accents, there's one for you.

Pastel Pink

A go-to for nurseries, this light shade is great for any space that could use a tropical or playful tone.

Try the look: Rose Quartz by Jolie Paint.

Pastel Blue

From super soothing to a little funky, blue paint colors can do it all. The right pastel shade has the same power—just pick with caution to ensure you're striking the tone you want.

Try the look: Cumulus Cotton by Benjamin Moore.

Pastel Purple

Most pastel purples lean in a near-gray direction, which often blends nicely with the décor already in the room. Go in a more purple direction for something more energetic, or find a paint color with more gray tones for a more sophisticated feel.

Try the look: Not So Delicate by Backdrop.

Pastel Green

Few colors are as refreshing (minty fresh!) as pastel green. Applied correctly, it fills any room with character—and an unbeatable individuality.

Try the look: Oh Pistachio by Sherwin-Williams.

Pastel Yellow

The wall pictured above is a shade or two darker than true pastel yellow, but it gets the point across: Pale yellow is hard to ignore. Its impossibly sunny vibe will make any room feel happier, more upbeat, and positive—great for rooms that don't get a ton of natural light. Avoid mustard tones, and you'll be able to use pastel yellow however (and wherever) you want.

Try the look: Versailles by Annie Sloan.

Pastel Orange

Call it pastel orange–or call it tangerine–but this citrusy shade pops. It carries a particularly tropical feel that is best suited for warm environments—or rooms where you want to feel warm.

Try the look: Gumdrops by Behr.

Pastel Red

Pastel red paint colors are the same as pink, right? Wrong. Pastel red has a little more edginess to it than pink, with an almost burnt-orange look that isn't quite pink—though it's certainly close.

Try the look: Pink Sky by Clare.

Pastel wallpaper

Wallpaper, too, can put pastels to work to fill a room with light. Pastel wallpapers can incorporate several different colors or just one or two, depending on how busy a print you're looking for.

Try the look: Bubble by Chasing Paper.

Spray Paint

We don't recommend using pastel spray paint on a wall, necessarily, but for furniture (especially the outdoor kind), few coverings work quite as well. Try a pastel spray paint for complete coverage that doesn't look too bold or bright—just enough to draw the eye.

Try the look: Matte Wild Honey by Krylon.

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