Pantone Just Released Over 300 New Colors—These 3 Would Make Stunning Paint Colors

You have got to see these shades of blue.

Back in December, Pantone announced that Classic Blue would be the Pantone Color of the Year 2020. And if you liked that pick, we have more great news for you: the company just added 315 new colors to the Pantone Fashion and Home color palette. According to Pantone's explanation, the colors were chosen to reflect current color trends, but they are also timeless shades that can be used in the future.

The new additions include variations on every color of the rainbow, but some themes stand out, including many more new shades of blue to expand on the Color of the Year, as well as nature-inspired hues. "We added many mineral tones and nature influenced hues that could be called out as organic, earthy, or burnt and our range of neutrals such as gray, beige, khaki, and taupe have been dramatically increased," the company said in its announcement. While 2020 color trends are veering toward more vibrant hues as a response to minimalism, neutrals like black and white are getting replaced with warmer, richer shades of brown and beige.

How can you introduce some of these new hues into your own home? If you want to test out a new accent color, start with a throw pillow or blanket. Ready to jump right in? Here are three new Pantone colors that we think would make fantastic paint colors.

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Overture, a Deep Navy Hue

Overture navy Pantone chip

Pantone's new shades of blue run the gamut, from icy blues to bright aquas to denim blues to deep classic navies, like Overture, shown here. Use this moody blue as an accent wall in a bedroom, or let it elevate an old piece of furniture.

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Summer Sands, a Warm Beige

Summer Sands beige chip

Cue the flashbacks to the early aughts: beige and khaki are making a comeback in 2020. Take a page from Pantone's lookbook and pair a warm shade of beige, like this one called Summer Sands, with accents in bright red and deep teal.

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Crystal Pink, a Pretty Blush

Crystal Pink Pantone color chip

According to Pantone's latest colors, the blush trend in fashion and home decor will continue in 2020. We could see Crystal Pink, a pale whisper pink with a subtle yellow undertone, brushed on the walls of a delicate powder room.

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