5 Clever Painting Tricks and Time-Savers

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It's a common situation anyone who's ever painted a room is likely familiar with: You just brushed on a coat of paint and need to wait an hour for the next, or you want to take a break for dinner and finish painting later. What do you do with your paintbrush and roller?

Instead of spending the time to wash the roller thoroughly between each coat, placing the roller cover in a resealable plastic bag can save the day (and 10 minutes of your time). This painting trick and the others below can help save time, energy, and paint when you tackle your next home project. Here are five clever painting hacks you'll wish you knew sooner.

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Dip It

Paintbrush and can
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Don't submerge a brush more than a third of the way into the paint. Excess paint won't speed the process, but it will clog the base of the bristles, making cleanup more difficult and shortening the life of the brush.

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Clean It

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Wipe the rim of the paint can with a screwdriver wrapped in a rag. If you have paint in the groove, you won't be able to seal the top tightly.

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Label It

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Cover the open can with plastic wrap to create a clean seal, then pound on the lid with a hammer. Dab a little paint on the lid with a rag to remind you of the color. Write the paint's name and number on the lid with a permanent marker so you can reorder if necessary.

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Store It

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Keep cans upside down to create a tight seal around the lid. Be sure to stash latex paints where they won't freeze, since they are water-based.

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Bag It

Paint roller in a zipper-seal bag
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No time to clean? Place your roller cover in resealable zip-top bag and store it in the refrigerator or a cool spot during painting breaks (or overnight). Be sure there's no excess air in the bag.

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