Painting Supplies Checklist

Everything you need for a problem-free paint job: Get ready to roll. 

  1. Check Tape measure

    Measure walls first so you’ll know how much paint to buy. Typically, one gallon of paint covers 400 square feet.

  2. Check Primer

    Use a primer with a stain blocker.

  3. Check Stirrer

    Usually comes free with any paint purchase. Always stir paint before applying.

  4. Check Pouring spout

    Attach the spout to a gallon of paint and pour without any mess.

  5. Check Five-gallon bucket

    For big jobs that require multiple gallons of paint, keep the color consistent by mixing all the cans in a large bucket.

  6. Check Screen.

    Place this inside the bucket to wipe any excess paint off the roller.

  7. Check Roller tray.

    Use a metal or sturdy plastic tray for smaller projects.

  8. Check Tray liner.

    Save clean-up time by using a disposable paint-tray liner.

  9. Check Roller cover.

    A 3/8-inch nap provides the best finish for most interior walls.

  10. Check Angled sash paintbrush.

    To paint trim, use a two-inch angled brush, which will give you more control.

  11. Check Blue painter’s tape.

    Essential for protecting trim or walls that you don’t want to get paint on.

  12. Check Drop cloths

    Protect furniture with plastic coverings. Place a reusable canvas drop cloth, which is less slippery than plastic, on the floor.

  13. Check Hole filler

    Quicker than spackling: Dab hole filler into small holes in the wall.

  14. Check Screwdriver

    Use to loosen any ceiling plates of lighting fixtures and remove switch plates before painting.

  15. Check Sponge

    Before priming, wash the walls with a few drops of dishwashing detergent mixed with water.