Yes, using black paint in your laundry room is totally acceptable.


There’s no doubt that the perfect paint color can make all the difference when redecorating a room in your home. The selection process may involve dozens of swatches and samples, but when you can step back and enjoy a freshly painted wall in a shade that you absolutely love, the outcome is always worth it. All good things take time, right?

If you’re a fan of the KILZ paint brand that offers amazing spray paints and chalk paints that we love (even Joanna Gaines has a Magnolia Home KILZ line!), the company recently announced the five best-selling KILZ paint colors of the year, and they’re all sold on Amazon. We couldn’t be more in love with the winners, which include Deep Onyx, Contemporary White, Mystic Black, Nomad’s Trail, and Cool Fog.

KILZ Deep Onyx featured in a laundry room. 

We were totally expecting more colorful hues in the top five, but based on recent design trends—like black kitchen appliances and all-white kitchens—the KILZ fan-favorite shades of black, white, and gray hues make so much sense. “Moody hues,” as we like to call them, are making their debut as one of the most popular home trends for 2019—and we’re totally here for it. Plus, white paint colors can actually make your home look cleaner, which is an added bonus we’ll gladly accept!

While selecting the best paint colors for your home can feel like a never-ending process on its own (before even getting to the labor of painting your walls), we know that sampling the paint first is key to ensuring that the color works in a specific space. Luckily, KILZ has made it super simple for DIY-ers to test hues in their own home before they buy. For a limited time on Amazon, until supplies last, you can get free 8x10 Peel & Stick swatches, which are a no-mess, affordable solution for testing out any of KILZ Tribute’s palette of 100 colors on your wall. To try out this perk, you can select a Peel & Stick sample, a one-gallon sample, or a five-gallon sample under whichever KILZ Tribute color you choose.

KILZ Contemporary White featured in an entryway. 

For more painting tips on how best utilize each of the best-selling KILZ paint colors in your home, we spoke with KILZ’s color expert, Rob Hellander, below. And of course we linked the colors for you to shop and try out on your own walls ASAP.

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1 Deep Onyx KILZ Tribute Interior Matte Paint and Primer

"Some people may be afraid to use the color black in their home, but it can be a sophisticated choice that works well in many spaces and décor scenarios," Hellander says. "To keep a midnight shade (like Deep Onyx or Mystic Black) from being too overpowering, it’s all about contrast. If you’re going for black walls, opt for bright white trim and lighter floors in a space like a laundry room or powder room."

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2 Contemporary White KILZ Tribute Interior Eggshell Paint and Primer

"Contemporary White is a classic, soft white that can work anywhere—from trim, cabinetry and doors, to an all-over wall color," he says. "Use white in an entryway to create an expansive, wide-open welcome accented with warm wood furniture and flooring."

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3 Mystic Black KILZ Tribute Interior Matte Paint and Primer

"A surprising way to use black is on the ceiling, starting mid-way up the wall, and carrying the dark through the crown molding and onto the ceiling," he says. "We also see a lot black paint used on cabinetry and on doors, as it’s a grounding neutral that goes with everything but is more daring than a white or gray."

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4 Nomad’s Trail KILZ Tribute Interior Satin Paint and Primer

"Nomad’s Trail is a mid-tone true gray that pairs well with Contemporary White (in kitchens, bedrooms, and beyond) since it has a slight blue undertone."

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5 Cool Fog KILZ Tribute Interior Matte Paint and Primer

"Cool Fog, a barely-there gray with a hint of green, is gorgeous on cabinets or as a subtle, cool neutral on bathroom or bedroom walls," Hellander says.

To buy: $49;