Give your space a new look without a Fixer Upper level renovation.
Chip and Joanna Gaines at event
Credit: Mireya Acierto / Contributor

No need to pull out the circular saw or call in the pros. The beloved design duo agrees that the simplest (and most cost effective) way to transform a space is with a fresh coat of paint.

Paint is personal and it can feel committal, but Chip Gaines says it’s actually the opposite: “Paint is a fun weekend warrior activity.” It’s something that homeowners (and renters) can experiment with, and any slight errors are easy to overcome. And paint offers an easy way to incorporate trends without a making a huge investment in pieces that may soon go out of style.

Joanna Gaines’ biggest tip when incorporating color: find balance. So if you want to go bold in the dining room, for example, she suggests offsetting the rich color with white wainscoting on the bottom half of the wall. Or in a study with light gray paint, incorporate darker hues with artwork, photography, or even curtains to create contrast. Joanna says contrast is key in every space she designs.

Not quite ready to commit to color on the wall, but don’t want your neutral space to feel lackluster or boring? Joanna says that “if you can incorporate some kind of unique trim work (around the windows or a chair rail with paneling), it will keep the space from feeling one-note.” Detailing like this can add texture to a space and offers interesting elements for the eye to land on when people enter the space.

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So if you’re looking for a change, but don’t want to make a big investment, pull out the paint and get rolling!