Peak flower season might be coming to an end, but these paint colors will let your favorite blooms live on all year long.

By Lauren Phillips
Updated September 03, 2019
Michael Burrell, mariannehope/Getty Images

The challenge of picking paint colors isn’t that there aren’t enough options—it’s that there are endless options, so many that you could actually spend forever trying to pick just one. Plus, there’s a huge difference between liking a color or a color family and those shades actually being appropriate for your walls. Lime green might be your go-to for clothes, but it’s a tough color to put on the walls of a home.

Sometimes, though, your favorite colors might actually work on the walls of your home, especially if they can be used in smaller doses as accent colors, trim paint, or other smaller-scale paint applications. Or, if you’re dying to go bold with your paint color choices and have more subdued decor and furnishings, your favorite color—no matter what it is—can work as your wall paint color. This is especially true if your favorite color happens to be the same color as your favorite flower.

There’s something about flowers that makes them an excellent addition to any room. They work very well in vases or indoor planters, of course, but they can also inspire some pretty amazing paint colors. Red is red, but a rose red is something a little extra—especially if rose is your favorite flower. These shades may not work as kitchen cabinet paint colors, but if you want something beyond pastel paint colors or the go-to off-white colors you’ve always known, picking a paint color based on your favorite flower might be the way to go. At the very least, you’ll have a great explanation for why your front door is hot pink (inspired by your favorite bougainvillea, of course).

Read on for nine paint colors inspired by popular flowers—you might just find inspiration for your next big (or small) paint project.


One of the most easily recognized flowers, roses come in all sorts of colors—but there’s nothing quite like a bold red rose. Try Hot Tamale by Benjamin Moore for that dusky rose look; just consider using it in small doses to keep the flower power concentrated.


Hydrangeas can be several different colors, but blue hydrangeas may be most recognizable for the majority of people. Plus, the blue is a pop of contrast against green leaves and often-pink flowers, and the lightened shade of the bloom is soft and soothing. Bring the look inside (sans hydrangea care) with Big Chill by Behr.


Who doesn’t love a sunflower? Bringing the sunny, cheerful color inside can give your home sunshiny summer vibes year-round; give it a try with English Yellow by Annie Sloan. (And if you love this paint color, there are many more chalk paint colors where that came from.)


Like most blooms, dahlias can be found in many different shades, but the pink is especially striking. Pink may be a bit much for a whole wall, but as an accent, it shines—and High Maintenance by Behr might be the best paint color for the job.


Hyacinths tend to bloom in blues and purples; a deep, almost midnight-blue inspired by this flower might be just the subtle boost your room needs. Give it a try with Formentera by Backdrop.


These iconic little blooms are like the white paint colors of the garden world—they fit in almost anywhere, they have tons of different shades, and they always look great. You could pick a number of different paint colors and call them tulip-inspired, but we’re going to pick a bolder shade and suggest Jeweled Peach by Benjamin Moore for an orange color that draws inspiration from King’s Orange tulips.


Oh, peonies—is any flower as sweet or as beloved? These little blooms feel impossibly springy, and painting a room in the house the same blush color can keep the dreamy feeling around long after the flowers wither and peony care must end. To fill your home with a sweetly romantic atmosphere, try Baby Soft by Clare.


With its tropical hot-pink and purple tones, a Bougainvillea-inspired paint color will help any home feel a little more alive. Just use it in small doses if you want to keep things a little quieter—painting with Haitian Flower by Behr makes it easy, especially in a room that gets a lot of natural light.


With gold notes and plenty of feel-good vibes, a Marigold-inspired paint color will brighten up any space. Try Golden Hour by Clare for a sunny shade that leans more gold than orange.