Foolproof Exterior Paint Colors That Will Make Yours the Prettiest House on the Block

We asked the experts for their no-fail picks for exterior paint colors.

Exterior house paint colors - best paint colors for house exterior
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Deciding which colors to paint the outside of your house is daunting (a big commitment!)—so we asked the pros for help. While the process of applying your exterior house paint of choice is its own challenge, we can at least help you pick the right paint colors. Here, top designers share their go-to hues for a home's siding, trim, and front door for a cohesive, eye-catching look. Try one of their perfect pairings for the prettiest house on the block.

Our easy-to-follow chart, below, outlines foolproof paint color picks for your home's exterior, with a little feedback from our experts on what makes these colors flow. For more information on these paint colors (and where you can get them), scroll on.

Exterior paint colors guide: The Best exterior house paint colors (picks, pairings, and paint color names)

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8 Great Exterior Paint Color Pairings

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Gray + White + Blue

"A dark gray with a rich brown undertone is beautiful with white or off-white trim, for contrast. Pair that with a robin's egg blue front door to pick up the color of the sky." – Sally Wheat

Siding: Iron Mountain by Benjamin Moore

Trim: White Dove by Benjamin Moore

Front door: Tahitian Breeze by Behr

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White + Navy + Gold

"A golden yellow front door is a flash of unexpected chic. It's beautiful on a white house with grayish-blue shutters." – Elaine Griffin

Siding: Brilliant White by Benjamin Moore

Trim: Hale Navy by Benjamin Moore

Front door: Marblehead Gold by Benjamin Moore

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Beige + White + Taupe

"This is a timeless trio of colors found in nature. They'll never go out of style or feel dated. If you want a lighter house, just swap the siding and trim shades." – Tracy Morris

Siding: Hardwick White by Farrow & Ball

Trim: Clunch by Farrow & Ball

Front door: Squirrel Tail by Benjamin Moore

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White + Black + Green

"I love a crisp, classic exterior, like a warm white with a cool, deep black. A front door with a pop of color—bright green!—is very welcoming to guests." – Tobi Fairley

Siding: Pure White by Sherwin-Williams

Trim: Tricorn Black by Sherwin-Williams

Front door: Derbyshire by Sherwin-Williams

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Tan + White+ Blue

"This tan is the perfect neutral—it has just enough of a green undertone to beautifully blend in to the landscape. A dreamy blue door is fresh and impactful, so keep the trim subtle—a dab of cream is all you need." – Beth Haley

Siding: Canvas Tan by Sherwin-Williams

Trim: Westhighland White by Sherwin-Williams

Front door: Seaworthy by Sherwin-Williams

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Blue + White + Red

"This is a regal color combination that's super-versatile—it looks great on a modern home or a traditional one with lots of molding. The deep red door makes a big statement." – Vanessa De Vargas

Siding: Bay View by Dunn-Edwards

Trim: White by Dunn-Edwards

Front door: Deep Hibiscus by Dunn-Edwards

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White + Black

"The simplicity of black and white works on virtually any home. Choose a white that's crisp and dressy, and a black that's saturated, with plenty of punch." – Maria Von Hartz and Annie Fitzgerald

Siding: Chantilly Lace by Benjamin Moore

Trim: Chantilly Lace by Benjamin Moore

Front door: Onyx by Benjamin Moore

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White + Gray + Black

"No other color endures the test of time like white does. Pair it with crisp gray trim. You can use the gray on the front door too, but you'll get a dramatic dark-and-light contrast if you go with a pitch black door instead." – Andrew Howard

Siding: Sheep's Wool by Benjamin Moore

Trim: Mole's Breath by Farrow & Ball

Front door: Pitch Black by Farrow & Ball

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