9 Ways DIY Paint Can Transform Just About Anything

Sometimes a fresh coat of paint is all that's needed to go from drab to fab.

Colorful painted side table
Photo: Hello Lidy

Tired of your old furniture and décor? No need to throw it out and splurge on something new—with a visit to the nearest craft or hardware store, you can work some DIY paint magic for a striking update.

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Yellow and white painted door
A Beautiful Mess

Only major risk-takers need apply when it comes to this door with a slanted color-block design. For those who are hesitant to go this bold and graphic, you can saturate an interior door in an eye-catching color instead to wake up a boring room. The same can be said for your front door, too: You don't have to go for neon green, but a new coat of paint can do wonders for your curb appeal.

Photo and idea from A Beautiful Mess.

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Tall green painted dresser
Vintage Revivals

Give an old dresser or thrift store find a few coats of paint to infuse some new life. You can go for a bright hue, or just cover it in classic black or white—whichever you choose, this project will make the dresser look brand new. Completely update the piece by swapping out the handles or knobs.

Photo and idea from Vintage Revivals.

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Black and pink painted mirror
Passion Shake

Mirrors can make a room seem larger and also create a focal point. But sometimes accent mirrors get pricey. You can design and create your own with a cheap, plain mirror, some painter's tape, and spray paint, like this DIY geometric design. When you're spray-painting the mirror, protect the rest of the reflective surface by covering it with paper.

Photo and idea from Passion Shake.

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Dipped kitchen stools

It's all about the details with these dipped kitchen stools. Whether you already have plain bar stools, or you're purchasing some inexpensive ones for your dining nook, you can get creative with patterns and colors. Painter's tape is key for this project.

Photo and idea from Brit+Co.

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Ombre stairs
Jonny Valiant

The ombré trend is still going strong, and what better way to showcase it than on the stairs. For this one, choose consecutive colors on the same paint strip from the hardware store. The number of shades and step groupings depends on your staircase's height. Use a small, angled brush for the edges and a larger one to fill in the hue.

Photo and idea from Real Simple.

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Paint-dipped antique paintings
Ramshackle Glam

OK, you wouldn't (and shouldn't!) do this technique on a special, expensive painting or print. But this project works well with thrift store paintings. Or buy some inexpensive prints and frames to try it. Create a border with painter's tape to split the artwork in two parts, then paint the bottom half of the frame.

Photo and idea from Ramshackle Glam.

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Colorful painted side table
Hello Lidy

Transform a plain wooden table into a stylish accent piece with paint. Make sure you lightly sand the table and legs (if you're painting those) with sandpaper and wipe it down with a damp cloth before you start. You can get creative with designs: think florals or even animal print.

Photo and idea from Hello Lidy.

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Bar Cart

Painted gold bar cart

A tool cart gets a new life as a drinks station—all thanks to gold spray paint. Take the whole cart apart before you start adding the paint so you can get every nook and cranny. If gold isn't your thing, you can try other colors like red, blue, or silver.

Photo and idea from Brit+Co.

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Ceramic Pot

Painted black teacup as planter
By Brittany Goldwyn

Personalize your planters or pots. You can create different designs, or display a group of a few pots in various colors, which will make for a charming vignette. Keep in mind that you'll need some patience when you wait for the coats to dry in order to achieve a smoother, more even finish.

Photo and idea from By Brittany Goldwyn.

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