Blue’s gonna be big next year.

By Lauren Phillips and Katie Holdefehr
Updated December 05, 2019
Courtesy of HGTV Home by Sherwin-Williams

When the Color of the Year is announced, it’s not a mandate to change out all your paint colors—but it is a predictor of the paint color and decorating trends to come. Many top paint and color companies pick a color of the year 2020 sometime in 2019. Picks from some companies have more sway than others, but any color of the year pick is (at least in part) a sign of what’s to come in the next year.

For 2020 paint colors and trends, so far, things are leaning blue (with a splash of pale pink, courtesy of Benjamin Moore) in a big way. Blue paint colors account for three of the six paint colors of the year announced by companies looking to get ahead of 2020. The non-blue colors are softer, more muted shades—not quite pastels, but with the same relaxed appearance as some chalk paint colors. Overall, though, all the colors announced thus far are about building a calmer, more soothing environment in your home, which indicates that creating a comfortable home that energizes and replenishes could be a major theme in the year to come.

If you’re planning to paint some part of your home in 2020, these colors of the year can help guide your paint color decisions, or even help you pick out a color scheme for your updated space. If you’re not planning any big home updates—hopefully because you love the look and feel of your space so much that you can’t bear to part with it—it still doesn’t hurt to pay attention to the trending colors of the next year. (We’re of the opinion that one should never turn down paint color inspiration.)

Paint companies and color experts have announced their picks for the Color of the Year 2020 over the course of 2019. We’ve included many of them here, and now, at the end of 2019, we have a definitive look at the color direction 2020 will take. In a word, it’s blue. Read on to see predictions for the Color of the Year 2020 so far.



As the name suggests, Pantone’s pick for COTY is a timeless shade of blue that feels both familiar and comfortable. Lighter than Naval by Sherwin-Williams but still deep and reassuring, there’s nowhere this color can’t go. Learn more about the Pantone color.

Benjamin Moore


One of the most highly anticipated colors of the year, Benjamin Moore revealed its pick: First Light, a soft, rosy hue that reflects optimism. After the big unveiling, Andrea Magno, the director of color marketing and development at Benjamin Moore, explained how the versatile hue can work as a neutral. "It is upbeat and optimistic, encouraging us to consider different colors as the backdrop for our spaces in a way that is both gender neutral and appealing to all generations," she said. If you're looking for a fresh, modern alternative to white, gray, or beige, this blush hue may be your new go-to. 

Courtesy of Behr


A soft green shade good for interior and exterior walls alike, Back to Nature feels springy and calming—perfect for an early 2020 home update. Learn more about this Behr paint color.


Inspired by the rich, orchid blues of Chinese ceramics, Chinese Porcelain leans into its violet undertones, offering a deep blue that leans more sky-blue than navy.

Courtesy of HGTV Home by Sherwin-Williams


This sweet, blush tone strikes the perfect balance between playful, vibrant orange notes and soothing pink ones. Romance can serve as a neutral in a monochromatic space or as the backdrop to pops of colorful accents.

Courtesy of Sherwin-Williams


Naval is the new neutral. This rich, deep blue can be subtle or the focal point of any space, depending on the furnishings and decor it’s paired with. Learn more about this Sherwin-Williams paint color.