We're sharing several painting accessories that are worth the money—plus the gimmicks to avoid.
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When it comes to painting supplies, if it sounds too good to be true, then it usually is. There's really no substitute for quality painting tools, adequate preparation, and careful work. "One of the easiest things to remember about paint tools is that you get what you pay for," says Lou Manfredini, home expert for Ace Hardware. "The biggest mistake I see homeowners make is that they buy cheap tools that don't give them good results, or they buy cheap paint—then they end up with a poor finished product."

Here are some of Manfredini's favorite must-have paint products for a flawless finish and a handful of appealing painter accessories that you can skip altogether. Keep in mind that you may not need some of these products if your walls are in good shape and don't need a lot of repairs. (Just make sure you purchase some highly-rated paint first because a quality tool won't work miracles on low-quality paint).



Skip It

Paint Key

You don't need a special tool to open your paint cans; a standard flat-head screwdriver works just fine.

Plastic Tube for Paint Roller

If you're done painting for the day but want to pick it back up tomorrow, cover the roller in plastic wrap, then throw it into a plastic bag with an air-tight seal.

Paint Tray Liners

These aren't necessary if you get a quality hard plastic paint tray. Plus, it's less wasteful if you don't throw away a plastic liner each time you paint.

Paint Pads

Skip these, unless you're using them to paint behind hard-to-reach areas like a toilet tank or radiator.

Fillable Paint Products

"Any gadget that sucks paint up into its handle is a nightmare to use and to clean. In the time it takes to refill it, you could already be painting," says Manfredini. The exception here is the touch-up tool that Manfredini recommended specifically.