Want to refresh your walls? Choose these top interior paint brands for a beautiful, flawless finish.
Best Paint Brands, Benjamin Moore Living Room with couch
Credit: Benjamin Moore

When you're embarking on a paint project, there are several important decisions that determine whether you'll get a flawless finish and rich color you'll want to live with. Besides choosing the perfect paint color and deciding whether or not to hire pro painters, one of the most important factors is selecting the best paint brand for the project. While it may be tempting to opt for whichever brand is readily available at your local home improvement store, making extra effort to buy one of the top brands can be the difference between a beautiful result and one you'll want to repaint in a year. Below, we've rounded up some of the best interior paint companies around, including the go-to brands interior designers and pro painters swear by.

Benjamin Moore

Founded in 1883, Benjamin Moore is an American paint company that has become one of the most popular paint brands. However, you won't find Benjamin Moore paints at big retail chains, but only at independently-owned stores and retailers (find one here). 

Remember, you don't have to choose a bold color to refresh a room. Some of Benjamin Moore's best-selling colors are shades of white, like the designer-approved White Dove and Decorator's White


Another popular paint brand, Sherwin-Williams not only has a huge range of colors, but its HGTV Home line of paints is available at Lowe's, making it convenient to shop. On the company's list of best-selling colors, Pure White and Agreeable Gray land at the top. 


One of the go-to paint manufacturers in the Southwestern United States, Dunn-Edwards is starting to become more popular throughout the country. In fact, when we ask L.A.-based designers for their top paint picks, a Dunn-Edwards options often makes the list. While all of the brand's stores are located in the Southwest, there are a few dealers that carry the brand throughout the country (search for the one nearest you). 


If you're hoping for a paint makeover that won't break your budget, Behr is the paint brand of choice. Available at the Home Depot, a gallon of flat finish interior paint can cost you less than $30. And because you can pick up your paint as you stock up on paint rollers, brushes, and tarps, you won't have to make the trek to another store. 

Farrow & Ball

Looking for timeless paint colors that will never go out of style? Farrow & Ball should be your go-to. This luxury paint brand has a higher price per gallon than other companies on the list, but most of its colors are based on historic color palettes and archives, so you know you'll always get a hue that you can live with for a long time. Farrow & Ball's paints are known for being rich and complex, so it's a good idea to paint a test swatch on your wall to observe how the color changes as the light shifts throughout the day. Ready to test some paints? Order a sample pot online or at a store near you


For those who are overwhelmed by the seemingly endless selection of paint swatches at the store, there's Clare—an online paint company founded by interior designer Nicole Gibbons, with a curated selection that delivers to your door. With just 55 paints to choose from, Clare simplifies the process of picking a hue. Still having trouble deciding? They even have an online quiz to help you find your perfect match. Order your paint and all the supplies (including drop cloths) and you won't even have to make a trip to the store. 

Little Green Paint & Paper

While many of the brands on this list have a line of eco-friendly, low-VOC (aka, Volatile Organic Compounds, which contribute to air pollution) paints, all of the paints at Little Green are low-VOC and its oil paints are made using sustainable vegetable oil. Plus, the colors are rich and sophisticated, perfect for a room refresh you'll want to keep for years to come. Little Greene is based in the U.K., but you can search for U.S. stockists here