The 8 Best Living Room Paint Colors, According to Design Experts

Reimagine your living room with these fail-proof wall colors.

Modern Living Room Interior With Green Plants, Sofa And Green Wall Background
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Anyone who's watched HGTV knows that a fresh coat of paint has the power to transform a room—and when that room happens to be as high-profile as the living room, the change can feel dramatic. The tricky part is finding the right living room paint color to fit the bill. You want to choose a paint color that's noticeable and fresh (but not a color that is overpowering or clashes with your current living room decor).

Painter's regret is real, which is why we've enlisted a range of home and paint color experts to help us sort through the daunting world of paint samples. From elevated neutrals to on-trend earthy greens, here are the best living room paint colors that will completely revamp your space.

Expert Picks

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Crushed Ice by Sherwin Williams

Crushed Ice Greige Paint Color

"This is my favorite cool white to use in living rooms. The shade is clean, bright, and opens the space. It's especially great for modern, coastal, Scandinavian, and contemporary designs," says Anna Franklin, an interior designer and founder of Stone House Collective.

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Rainy Afternoon by Benjamin Moore

Living Room Paint Colors, Rainy Afternoon dark green
Benjamin Moore

"My clients are starting to ask for a lot more color lately, which is exciting for me. Lately, I am loving this sage-inspired pine hue. It's an earthy, dusty, smoky pine that looks incredible when paired with lavenders," says Diana Weinstein, an interior designer and founder of DW Designs.

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Studio Green by Farrow & Ball

Best Living Room Paint Colors, Studio Green dark forest green paint
Farrow and Ball

"This is a great color that feels very English-inspired. I'm working on a project now in which we are using this color to paint all the beautiful moldings and coffers on the trim and ceiling. When paired with new color combinations like ivory, blush, and lavender, this will make a room feel traditional with a modern twist," says Weinstein.

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Salamander by Benjamin Moore

Living Room Paint Colors, Salamander dark Green
Benjamin Moore

"This color green can make a space feel cozy, yet luxe and moody all at the same time. People are often hesitant to use dark colors on a wall because they think it will make the room feel smaller, but I find this hue gives a room presence and make it feel inviting. I just love the strong contrast of rich dark green on walls paired with ivory, chunky textured curtain panels," says Weinstein.

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Revere Pewter by Benjamin Moore

Living Room Paint Colors, Revere Pewter greige color
Benjamin Moore

"One of my favorite neutrals of all time, this classic greige is perfect for a neutral palette that can accommodate either warm or cool tones within the design. It's especially ideal for people who don't want white walls in their living rooms but aren't fans of big, bold wall color," says Alessandra Wood, a design expert and the VP of Style at Modsy.

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Evergreen Fog by Sherwin Williams

green gray paint color

"I love this shade. It's soft and serene while providing a gorgeous backdrop for rich, earthy tones. My favorite part about a color like this is that it provides a saturated pop to the living room without feeling overwhelming. Instead, it creates a sense of calm with its cool-toned hue," says Wood.

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Collector's Item by Benjamin Moore

Living Room Paint Colors, Collector's Item Beige paint splotch
Benjamin Moore

"There is a softness to this creamy white color that makes it welcoming. It's also extremely versatile, complementing a wide range of decor styles," says Andrea Magno, the director of Color Marketing and Development at Benjamin Moore.

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Edgecomb Gray by Benjamin Moore

Living Room Paint Colors, Edgecomb Gray
Benjamin Moore

"Edgecomb Gray is an ideal neutral that is neither too warm nor too cool. This color is flexible enough to work with styles from modern to traditional and everything in between. The neutral canvas created by this color also allows for many other colors to be brought into a space, making it a great option for open floor plans," says Magno.

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