The trending green of 2017 is going nowhere.

By Susan Brickell
Updated December 29, 2017
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Paul Bradbury

The world is made up of endless colors, and every year fashion forecasters and paint companies dial in on one new hue. Fashion magazines are honing in on yellow for spring and summer 2018, while Pantone announced their shade of the year as Ultra Violet.

A time for resolutions and blank slates, January inspires homeowners and apartment-renters alike to freshen up their spaces, and what’s simpler than painting over old walls? Your remodel can be done in one weekend—easy.

We tapped ten creatives—from executives to stylists to designers—for the colors to use in our homes in the new year. Here, a roundup of cool shades that will have your houseguests thinking, “I wish I had tried that.”

Dark Everglade by Behr

“This gorgeous color not only relaxes the senses because it subconsciously reminds us of the great outdoors but it’s rich color complements so many different types of hardware, for example, matte black, brass, chrome all look equally as beautiful against this color.” —Katherine Carter, Interior Designer at Homepolish

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Misty Blush by Dunn-Edwards

“Blush has become the new neutral and adds a feminine and sophisticated touch to any space. Its rosy undertones adds warmth to entire rooms and a bit of whimsy to accents like front doors and cabinets. One of my favorite shades is Misty Blush from Dunn-Edwards paints.” —Jessica McCarthy, Decorist Design Director

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Farrow & Ball

Stone Blue by Farrow & Ball

“In a world where we spend more time than we sleep connected to technology, this color allows us to retreat to our home and create a sanctuary evoking a sense of clarity, balance and tranquility. It has the ability to complement a variety of interiors from traditional to contemporary. Depending on the amount of light in the room, it can take on a dramatic appearance in a darker space or an inviting, cool appearance in a brighter space. Offering endless versatility, it can be integrated within your home in many different ways. Pair with a dark gray trim in a dining room for a more daring expression or use it to enhance a white space such as a bedroom or living room by creating an accent wall of color.” —Angela Gruszka, VP, Marketing & Creative at ABC Carpet & Home

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Benjamin Moore

African Violet by Benjamin Moore

“For interior walls, I’m loving all shades of green, starting with the rich and heavily pigmented mineral colors like Isle of Pines from Sherwin-Williams or Moss Cottage from Dunn-Edwards Paints. The shade of green would really depend on the room—for a dining room, I prefer an intense and super saturated green. The other color I love for the bedroom is a chalky, pale lavender like African Violet from Benjamin Moore. It’s a flattering color and artwork shines against it.” —Marilyn Incerty, Cost Plus World Market, Chief Merchandising Officer, Design and Visual

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Shamrock by Sherwin-Williams

“In a world dominated by grays and beige, this bold choice of color is a favorite. Whether you’re using this dazzling color as an accent wall for a dramatic pop, or painting an entire room for a sophisticated and elegant look—this is my go-to color when it comes to decorating. Shamrock is sure to bring a lot of luck to any room this year.” —Clinton Montgomery, General Manager, Pottery Barn Flagship

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Farrow & Ball

Calamine by Farrow & Ball

“I am getting ready to paint my bedroom this color, and while it's definitely a feminine hue, our bedroom is dark and doesn't get a lot of light, so we needed a shade that would warm up the space without going too muddy or dark. When we tried more taupe hues they felt drab, but this color feels warm and cozy.” —Rebecca Atwood, Founder and Creative Director of Rebecca Atwood Designs

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Benjamin Moore

Bermuda Turquoise by Benjamin Moore

“It's neutral—not blue nor green. It's exotic, but familiar. It’s like the ocean and land coming together. To me, this color feels luxurious, yet warm and inviting.” —Jung Lee, Event Designer and Founder of Jung Lee NY

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C2 Paint

Fandango by C2 Paint

“Just this summer, I painted the vestibule of a master bedroom in the Hamptons Fandango by C2 Paint, and it was one of my favorite parts of the room! It's not red, not pink, and not peach, but it’s gorgeous in a room and looks great in every season. For a casual look, cover the walls in it, but keep the trim, molding, and doors a crisp white. For a sleek, more modern feel, lacquer everything in high-gloss Fandango—walls, ceiling, doors, and trim. It’s straight up glam!” —Eddie Ross, Style Director at The Mine and Author of Modern Mix

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Farrow & Ball

Green Smoke by Farrow & Ball

“This dramatic and saturated tone is something that I would love to try in the new year. I painted my kitchen island this color in 2017 (amid hesitation), but ended up loving it so much that I would love to try the color in a larger format—either in a bedroom, a moody dining room, or even a powder room. The hue is so pretty without being overpowering and it is just the right shade of green that doesn't feel too ‘try hard.’” —Emily Henderson, Founder and Creative Director of Emily Henderson Interior Design

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Benjamin Moore

Very Green by Benjamin Moore

“I’m very much looking forward to working with rich, saturated colors, in the coming year with emerald being at the top of my list. This jewel tone is bold, sophisticated, and quite versatile as it pairs well with a multitude of other colors. Benjamin Moore’s Very Green has just the right amount of blue to make it my go-to emerald hue.” —Jana Bek, Interior Designer and Product Developer

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