The experts at Behr Paint recently conducted a trend analysis across the country.

By Sarah Yang
Updated June 27, 2017
jallfree/Getty Images

It looks like the United States isn’t so united when it comes to favorite paint colors. A recent color trend analysis by Behr Paint looked at homeowner preferences across the country and how they vary from state to state. The experts at Behr compiled a list of the most popular paint color in every state by looking at the top-indexing colors from the company’s 2016 sales data and seeing which colors were purchased most in each state compared to the rest of the country.

“In 2017, paint choices have trended toward livable hues infused with emotion and personality,” Erika Woelfel, Vice President Color and Creative Services at Behr Paint, says. In addition to the classic neutrals, you’ll find some brighter choices, like sunny Mandarin in Oklahoma or pink Wild Berry in Washington, D.C.

Color preferences are also influenced by a homeowner’s surroundings, which can vary by region—for example, in the lush and leafy Pacific Northwest, Oregon and Washington residents opt for natural moody greens like Conifer Green and Naturalism, respectively. “Hues with a tropical feel—like Florida’s King Salmon—are more reflective of the colorful aesthetic popular in coastal areas,” Woelfel says.

And while some states’ choices can seem like a no-brainer because of their locations, there was one color preference that surprised even the experts. “We’re consistently surprised by the amount of homeowners choosing shades of mauve and pink, which is reflected on the map,” Woelfel says. “You’ve probably seen the recent surge in popularity of “Millennial Pink,” and the map shows homeowners are increasingly viewing pink shades as a new neutral.”

When it’s time to choose a hue, Woelfel recommends taking the time to sample the colors and trying out at least three to five different color swatches on your walls before you decide as the paint may look different in store than it does at home. “Additionally, hold up elements of décor against the swatches,” she says. “Whether it’s a pillow or a print, make sure the color is in sync and creating harmony. Paint has the power to truly pull a room together.”