The 10 Most Popular Home Projects for Summer 2022, According to Thumbtack

Fresh data from Thumbtack ranks the hottest house and yard upgrades for Summer 2022.

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It's that time of year again: for ice-cold drinks on the patio, Wiffle ball on the lawn, barbecues with loved ones under the twinkle of bistro lights—summer, we've missed you! With school (and, let's be honest, work) far from the brain, longer days, and warmer temps, it goes without saying that summer is synonymous with outdoor living. And the past two summers' limited travel and increased time at home has no doubt inspired homeowners' continued, rising determination to transform their space into a summer sanctuary, ideal for soaking up the sun (or shade).

Outdoor home additions, upgrades, and remodels are top of mind for many ahead of the dog days of summer, and online professional marketplace Thumbtack has the insights to prove just how excited people are to take on these at-home projects right now—and which specific upgrades are trending. Thumbtack combed its database of millions of home projects across the U.S. to reveal the home improvements and renovations in highest demand going into summer 2022. Spoiler: It's all about optimizing what they've got and making home the ultimate destination.

"At Thumbtack, we're seeing a significant spike in outdoor upgrades, as homeowners look to create an 'outdoor oasis' where they can host, relax, and spend quality time with their families," shares Thumbtack's home expert and seasoned licensed general contractor, David Steckel, in a blog post with the full insights.

Coming in at #1 and #2, respectively, are landscaping and tree trimming. Lawn maintenance, flower beds, trees, and hedges are the first thing anyone notices (including you) when they arrive and the best way to turn a property into a proper home. It's also key to get the yard in top form (the earlier the better!) before spending all summer outdoors, so no surprise that these have been priority projects this spring. Next in line is fencing and gate installations, followed by exterior painting, concrete installations, and deck/porch remodeling. Folks are itching to spruce up or expand their decks—or finally get the ball rolling on building one—since an inviting deck, porch, or patio is a staple for outdoor entertaining, hanging out, eating, and, hey, even remote work! (And if you're looking to sell in the near future, homebuyers see a deck as a valuable feature that offers a seamless indoor-outdoor transition.)

Homeowners are thinking beyond the basics to reimagine and optimize their spaces—for the entire family. In the last three months alone, Thumbtack has seen a 303-percent increase in play equipment construction, and a 381-percent uptick in gazebo installation and construction. Now there's an addition that's both easy on the eyes and practical when it comes to sun protection.

See Thumbtack's top 10 trending outdoor home renovation projects (plus the current national average cost for each service):

  1. Landscaping ($1,034–$5,720)
  2. Tree trimming ($490)
  3. Fence and gate installations ($988—not including materials)
  4. Exterior painting ($2,535)
  5. Concrete installations ($3–$10 per square foot)
  6. Deck or porch remodels ($2,925)
  7. Gardening ($125)
  8. Play equipment construction ($300–$400)
  9. Gazebo installations ($550)
  10. Sod installations ($850)

Thumbtack also notes that interest in indoor home projects remains as high as ever, compared to the steep rise over the last two years. Interior painting remains at the top of the list, followed by TV mounting, floor installations, drywall texturing, and new lighting. Here, the 10 most popular indoor improvements of 2022.

  1. Interior painting ($800)
  2. TV mounting ($125)
  3. Floor installations ($1,392)
  4. Drywall texturing ($300)
  5. Lighting installations ($165)
  6. Tile installations ($750)
  7. Fan installations ($150)
  8. Bathroom remodels ($5,000)
  9. Wallpaper installations ($300)
  10. Home remodeling services ($2,500)

Thinking of tackling a home project of your own? A word of industry wisdom: Move quickly, since contractors and materials are in very high demand. "Pros are also busier than ever, so it's important to get ahead of your exterior projects in order to make sure your outdoor spaces are ready for summer fun and entertaining," Steckel says. "With the one-two punch of continued supply chain challenges and high demand, we predict outdoor decor and entertaining items will run out of stock again this season."

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