Finally, some paint supplies worthy of your 2019 (and beyond) painting projects.

By Lauren Phillips
Updated April 08, 2019
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Modern House Paint Supplies - Spackle kit

For some people, the first step in painting a room is gathering paint supplies. For others, especially those hoping to save money painting, the first step is figuring out the cost to paint a room and deciding whether it’s a task worth delegating or if it’s better left as a DIY project. Still more don’t do a thing until they’ve selected paint colors. But no matter what order you tackle your painting project, if you’re planning to do the painting yourself, you’re going to need some paint supplies.

The world of house paint hasn’t changed too much in the last few decades. Sure, painting has become more safe (bye, lead paint!), paints are made with fewer chemicals, and self-priming paint is getting more and more reliable, but these changes haven’t extended to the tools of the trade, which remain roughly the same as they have for decades. Paint brush, sandpaper, tarp—these paint supplies have been must-haves for any house or room painting for a long time.

Now, though, there’s a new wave of paint supplies on the scene. These painting tools solve little painting problems and make the job a lot easier. They might not be able to handle painting corners just yet, but these modern paint supplies have other little painting annoyances covered. And while they may not be necessary (or worthy investments) for infrequent painters, anyone planning to do a lot of house painting—at least several rooms’ worth—could make the job a lot easier for themselves by picking up these stress-busting paint supplies.

For tight spots

Painting behind a large, immovable object—such as a toilet or radiator—without accidentally painting the object itself is nearly impossible with a conventional paint brush or roller. This slim, flat paint pad makes it possible by sliding easily into tight spots, giving them a solid coat of paint without too much strain. Awkward, unpainted patches will become a thing of the past, as will paint-splattered appliances.

To buy: Paint Behind Tight Space Paint Brush, $17;

For filling holes

Make filling pesky, barely noticeable nail holes a breeze with this spackle kit, which includes sandpaper and a built-in applicator for making a wall look good as new, even before it gets a single drop of new paint. A single tube replaces difficult-to-store spackle tubs and putty knives, which makes it especially appealing for people living in small spaces.

To buy: Backdrop Spackle + Sandpaper Kit, $8;

For cleaner pouring and storage

Never worry about spilling paint or stray drips again with this trusty lid. A built-in air valve ensures clean pours at your leisure (no more surprising glugs of paint), and air-tight sealing means stored paint actually stays usable. When the job is done, the lids collapse for easy storage.

To buy: Shur-Line Mess-Free Store and Pour Collapsible Paint Can Lid, $11 for two;

For hard-to-reach surfaces

Painting ceilings, high walls, and large spaces (even painting exterior brick, if you dare) is so much easier with an extension pole. They offer more coverage with less moving and stretching, and they also make painting ceilings and the tops of walls possible without a ladder. The poles are available in 2-4 feet and 4-8 feet sizes and can extend and lock in 6-inch increments, so rooms of any size can get the efficient paint job they need.

To buy: Clare Extension Pole, $20;