It comes with four (yes, four!) screwdrivers.

By Katie Holdefehr
Updated August 11, 2017

As an avid DIY-er, both at home and for work, I’m always on the lookout for handy gadgets that can help with everything from IKEA furniture assembly to small home improvements. So when I spotted the Kikkerland 6-in-1 Handy Hammer Tool online, and then took a glance at its $9 price tag, I knew I had to have it. When it arrived, I quickly tore open the box, and was immediately disappointed. How could this tiny, remarkably lightweight tool really stand in for a hammer, two flathead screwdrivers, and two Phillips-head screwdrivers? But when I unscrewed the bottom of the pretty gold-and-silver tool, a full-size flathead screwdriver popped out, and inside that screwdriver, found three more tips, each one smaller than the last, like a Russian nesting doll for tools. When each piece is stored neatly in place, the entire hammer measures just 7.5-inches long, making it small enough to stash in a junk drawer or slip into a back pocket.

Since buying the multi-tool eight months ago, I’ve reached for it countless times, and it’s been my trusty DIY companion on more than a few photoshoots and tiny home repairs. When I was hanging a new planter from the ceiling in my apartment and didn’t want to pull out my giant toolbox, I grabbed this mini hammer. While it doesn’t have the full force of a standard-size hammer, a few taps was more than enough to sink a couple nails into the wall. And when I replaced the drawer knobs on my bedroom dresser? The flathead screwdriver saved the day—and saved me from having to lug a heavy tool kit out of storage.

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While this set isn’t going to tackle a construction project anytime soon, its convenient size and clever design make it the perfect gift for someone moving into a first apartment, a dorm dweller, or a DIY-er. They’ll be sure to think of you every time they assemble an IKEA chair or hang a new piece of art on the wall.