What You Should Know Before Hiring Someone to Work on Your Gutters

Gutter cleaning and repair projects are hardly exciting, but they're necessary. Here's how much you should expect to pay when your gutters need some TLC.

What to Know Before Paying for Gutter Cleaning and Repairs
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As summer comes to an end, you may be thinking about doing some home maintenance in preparation for the next season. Something that is commonly overlooked is the importance of clean gutters. Many people dread this taxing chore, and hiring someone else to do it can be costly–that’s why it’s good to have some background information on what your fellow homeowners are budgeting for gutter improvements.

According to three experts on home services website Angie’s List, you should clean out your gutters twice a year—once in the spring, and again in the fall. If your house is surrounded by oak and pine trees, you may want to have them cleaned quarterly since they shed and can build up quickly. In 2018, The Home Improvement Research Institute found that homeowners, on average, spend $432 on home improvement projects related to gutters, like repairs, cleaning, renovation, and replacement. The price will also depend on the size of your home, of course.

Having your gutters repaired and cleaned regularly prevents water from washing out around the foundation, keeps termites from being drawn to the moisture, and protects your walls from mold and mildew. If your gutters are well taken care of, they can last for up to 20 years before needing to be replaced. And you know what they say, “What happens in the gutters shouldn’t stay in the gutters.” Just kidding. No one actually says that.

No matter the task, it’s always important to do some research before hiring a company to help do work around your house. Educating yourself can help you understand why and when certain things should be done so you can keep your home in tip-top shape. It will also give you an idea if someone is trying to get you to pay more than you should.

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