By James Kidd
August 17, 2014
Credit: Andrew McCaul

What broke: Tears in home-interior fabrics, hemming curtains that are too long, or adding trim to clothing, throw pillows, and lamps.

The fix: Elmer's Craft Bond Fabric & Paper Glue is nontoxic and virtually invisible when dry. Most important, the bond is flexible, which means it moves with the fabric.

How to use it: Wash and dry the fabric before gluing. Test the glue in an inconspicuous spot to see if it will stain (as it will with silk). Apply glue to one surface, then join and hold together for a few minutes. The glue sets in 24 hours.

Sticking points:

  • Wait at least a week after gluing before washing the fabric. Use the gentle cycle and cold water.
  • Avoid putting glued fabric in a dryer or having it dry-cleaned. The heat will melt the bond.

Cleanup: Remove wet glue from hands with soapy water; dry glue, with nailpolish remover. Remove excess wet glue from fabric with a damp cloth. Pick off dry glue as carefully as possible with your fingernails.