2 Million Dehumidifiers Recalled Due to Fire and Burn Hazards

They include big-name brands like Honeywell, Amana, Friedrich, and Whirlpool. See if your dehumidifier is on the list.

More than two million dehumidifiers were recalled by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, after they overheated and caused fires in 107 separate incidents.

The dehumidifiers, which were manufactured by New Widetech in China but sold under a number of brand names, were sold at stores including Lowes, Costco, Walmart, Menards, and other retailers, between February 2009 to August 2017.

If you have one of the affected products, you can call New Widetech at 877-251-1512 between 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. ET Monday through Friday or visit www.recallrtr.com/nwtdehumidifier or http://www.newwidetech.com/en/. You will get a prorated refund, based on the age of the dehumidifier.

You can see the list of impacted models below, or visit the CSPC website for photos of the affected models.

AeonAir RDH30EB, RDH30EB-1, RDH45EB, RDH45EB-1, RDH60EB, RDH70EB, RDH70EB-1, RDH70EDP, WDH-945EL, WDH-945EL-1
Amana D930M, D935M, D945E, D950EP, D965E, D965E-E, D970E-E, D970EP, D974E, DM70E-E
ArcticAire (Danby) ADR30A2G, ADR50A2G, ADR70A2C, ADR70A2G
Classic (Danby/Home Hardware Stores) 3824-527, 3824-527-1
Commercial Cool CJ30M, CJ35M, CJ50E, CJ70E, CJ70EP, CK50E
Danby Designer DDR60RGDD
Danby Premiere DDR25E, DDR25E-1, DDR30A1GP, DDR30A2GP, DDR30E, DDR30E-1, DDR30E-2, DDR45A1GP, DDR45A2GP, DDR45A3GP, DDR45E, DDR45E-1, DDR5009REE, DDR5009REE-1, DDR5011, DDR5011-1, DDR50A1GP, DDR50A2GP, DDR6009REE, DDR6009REE-1, DDR60A1GP, DDR60A2GP, DDR60A3GP, DDR7009REE, DDR7009REE-1, DDR70A1GP, DDR70A2GP
De'Longhi DD30P, DD40P, DD40PCA, DD45, DD45E, DD45P, DD45PE, DD50P, DD50PC, DD50PE, DD50PSC, DD50PSCE, DD70PE,

Also: DDX45PE, DDX50PE, DDX70PE (only units with serial numbers from 721 25 900053 P000001 through 721 25 900053 P000549)

Edgestar DEP500WP, DEP501WP, DEP700WP, DEP701WP
Friedrich D25ANP, D25BNP, D25D, D25DA, D50AP, D50BP, D50BP-A, D50D, D70BP, D70BP-A, D70AP, D70BP, D70D
Generations (Danby) GDR5011BL, GDR50A1C, GDR50A2C
Honeywell (JMATEK/AirTek) DH45W (serial numbers between 1501/000001 and 1501/000924)

DH50W (serial numbers between 1412/000001 and 1412/000850, 1501/000001 and 1501/002774, 1503/002775 and 1503/005170, 1504/005171 and 1504/006546)

DH70W (serial numbers between 1412/000001 and 1412/001020, 1501/000001 and 1501/003798, 1503/003799 and 1503/008436, 1504/008437 and 1504/012070)

Idylis 0526011, 0526051
perfect aire 1PED30, 1PED50, 1PED50S, 1PED70, 1PEDP50, 1PEDP70, PADP50, PADP70
SuperClima DW30M
Whirlpool WDH70EAPW
Whynter RPD-302W, RPD-503SP, RPD702WP
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