7 Dark Paint Colors That Give Rooms a Striking  Personality

Trust us, the dynamic final look will be worth the risk. And with these paint colors, there’s no going wrong.

After a season (or several) of pale, neutral-colored rooms, peoples' preferences may be starting to swing in a bolder, more vibrant direction. In other words…welcome back, dark paint colors! We know you can be intimidating, but you can also bring a lot of personality to a room.

For those wavering on making the switch to darker, moodier paint colors, these rooms might offer a little inspiration—and the final push needed to pick up a paintbrush.

An All-Gray Living Room

Yes, it's gray, which is generally considered neutral. But a shade like Mole's Breath by Farrow & Ball has a stronger accent than the neutral grays of late. This maximalist living room strikes a monochromatic color scheme with tons of shades of gray—which, with the right tint, can increase feelings of happiness and calm—plus plenty of natural light to keep it from crossing into oppressively dark territory.

Get the look: Mole's Breath by Farrow & Ball

An Eye-Grabbing Green Bedroom

Somewhere between emerald and forest green, this shade of dark green is perfectly positioned with natural wood accents, white trim, and pops of pink. Repeating the green tone throughout helps unite the space, while the other colors—pink, white, black, and wood, used sparingly—complete a carefully curated palette.

Get the look: Shamrock by Sherwin-Williams

A Natural-Toned Living Room

In this rustic living room, natural woods and browns go bold, thanks to the repeated use of the material, a dark wood ceiling, and contrasting whites (which serve as the real neutral in the space). This look can be created with the right paint color, some simple wall texturing, and coordinated furnishings that enhance the earthy tones.

Get the look: Ticonderoga Taupe by Benjamin Moore

An All-Black Entertainment Room

Just try not to fall head-over-heels for this luxe black living room, which has lighter shades of black to balance the warm tint on the wall. Soft textures in the furnishings and rug help introduce more warmth, while décor in a true shade of black helps the wall paint color seem lighter and more welcoming than one may expect from this paint color.

Get the look: Black Mocha by Behr

A Jewel-Toned Seating Area

The all-over navy paint color of this living area strikes an elegant, sophisticated note, in part thanks to pops of gold décor and the contrasting white fireplace.

Get the look: Dress Blues by Sherwin-Williams

A Textured Slate Bedroom

A dark hue between gray and black in this bedroom feels almost cave-like, in the coziest way. The color is on the ceiling, wall, and floor, and effective lighting—plus a gilt mirror to help reflect that light—keeps it from feeling closed-in. A little texture on the walls and ceiling keeps them from looking flat.

Get the look: Temptation by Benjamin Moore

A Forested Living Room

A green wall color with a grayish tint practically disappears behind the eclectic décor in this attractively jumbled living room, which feels intentionally full. With more vivid pops of green in the couch and many plants, the dark paint color seems quiet and soothing.

Get the look: Green Smoke by Farrow & Ball

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