Credit: Andrew McCaul

What broke: Glass or ceramic (porcelain, earthenware, etc.) used with food, such as a plate or a coffee mug.
The fix: Elmer's Craft Bond Ceramic & Glass Cement is dishwasher-safe and solvent-free.
How to use it: Lightly sand both edges. Wipe with a clean cloth, then coat one edge with glue. Press the pieces together. Apply masking tape across the glued joint as a clamp. Let set for at least three hours.

Sticking points: While Craft Bond gives as good a repair as you'll get on broken glass, you'll always see what will look like a hairline fracture.

Cleanup: Use a dry cloth to clean surfaces and hands before the glue dries. Any overflow on an object can be cleaned with a paper towel or a cotton swab dipped in nail-polish remover.