Follow these directions to transform your laminate surfaces or furniture.

By Real Simple
Updated July 18, 2016
Painted green dresser
| Credit: Scovad/Getty Images

This type of material can save you a buck, but it doesn’t have to look cheap. Make your laminate look more upscale, or even like new again, with a simple paint job. Like any other paint project, preparation is key—so take a look at the steps below before you get started.

  1. Clean the surface, then lightly sand with 220-grit sandpaper. You don’t want to go overboard since the surface isn’t as sturdy as wood. This step is important because laminate usually has a smooth, shiny surface, which makes it hard for the paint to stick.
  2. Wipe away dust with a damp cloth and dry thoroughly.
  3. Use a primer formulated for use on laminate. Let dry.
  4. Apply two coats of high-quality eggshell or semigloss paint, which is more durable than flat paint.
  5. Allow the paint to cure (dry to medium hardness) for at least a week before using the surface. This will help the paint last longer.