Hint: It's not as sexy as installing a skylight in the living room, but the ROI is hard to ignore.
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It's home improvement season, but before you jump into a project, consider: Will it be worth the money? Often we get caught up in the excitement of trying out a new trend and forget to think about the practicality of a remodeling initiative. One simple way to be pragmatic is to think about the numbers.

The #1 project with a high ROI this year? A garage door conversion. This may not sound as sexy as installing a skylight in the living room, but there’s a 97.5% return on investment for garage conversions, according to HomeAdvisor.com. It reports that homeowners have had to be more financially pragmatic about home renovations, due to the softening housing market.

A garage door conversion is a sound investment because it fulfills the one-two punch of improving “both a home’s beauty and functionality,” according to the report. From a functionality perspective, an old garage door can leave your home more vulnerable to flooding and raise safety concerns. But on the aesthetics front, a new garage door can also elevate your exterior—which is crucial if you decide to put your house on the market (hello, curb appeal).

Inspired to upgrade your garage door? Try one of these materials (or styles).

1 Wood

Wood is sturdy, versatile, and classic (and yes, even faux wood works). It helps your home appear both charming and well-cared for. And between the various types of wood finishes and designs, opting for a wood or faux wood means your garage door is endlessly customizable.

2 Carriage house-style

These look like they would open like French doors—parting in the center and each door rolling to the side. However, often carriage house garage doors roll up like typical garage doors would. The windows on a carriage house-style garage door gives your home a slightly old-time look, and makes a home feel warm and inviting.

3 Aluminum

Opting for aluminum will give your entire home a mod feel, just by changing your garage door. Not only is it extremely sturdy, it’s also more unique and can make your house stand out.