Proof That a $10 Grout Pen Is Capable of Transforming Your Entire Bathroom

Dingy grout lines, be gone! 

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In the long list of places we all dread cleaning, scrubbing dirty grout lines in the bathroom likely ranks near the top. Battling gross grout with an old toothbrush and mildew remover always takes longer than you'd expect—and once you think you're done, all of that hard work seems to magically disappear a few showers later. To make your efforts last longer, the next time you finish a serious grout scrubbing, seal it off with an under-$10 grout pen.

What's a grout pen, and why haven't I heard of this sooner, you ask? It's an ink formula in a pen form that you draw over stained (but cleaned) grout lines to give them a fresh white (or gray, or whatever color your grout is) appearance. It's almost as easy as it sounds, but it will take some patience and precision to carefully paint within the lines. Accidentally getting some of the ink on the tile surface will give away your secret trick immediately, so applying the formula carefully is crucial for the finished effect. But if the Instagram evidence below is any proof, taking the time to refresh your grout carefully pays off. And while this trick certainly won't last as long as re-grouting and won't withstand harsh tile cleansers, it's an affordable quick fix perfect for renters or homeowners who want a temporary solution before they commit to a complete grout overhaul.

Miraculous grout pens don't just work on white grout. Instagrammer @_houseofkate proves that a gray grout pen can completely update the look of a tiled shower stall.

Blogger Natalie Lockwood of the Little Mill House spruced up the dark grout in her bathroom with the help of a handy grout pen. The result is a beautiful contrast between clean white tile and dark, stain-disguising grout lines.

Rachel Gray documented her kitchen makeover in progress, as she turns her boring white grout into stylish gray grout with the help of a grout pen. In the comments on the post, she says she used a pen by The Rainbow to get the job done ($9;

In this kitchen, a fresh coat of white grout pen creates a stunning contrast against the gray tile. In the caption, Wyche Cottage claims that the transformation only took 10 minutes to achieve. How's that for a quick makeover?

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