The $90 LED Light That Destroys Shower Mold for Good

Kill up to 99 percent of germs with this next-level LED light fixture that tackles mold you can't even see.

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A few months ago, we wrote about a mind-blowing bacteria-killing under-cabinet light, and it changed the cleaning game forever. And now, the brand behind this genius invention is introducing another incredible cleaning product: the Ellumi Recessed Retrofit Light, which gets rid of all kinds of nasties (think mold, fungi, and dangerous bacteria).

This sanity-saving light looks good, too. In fact, even though it has super cleaning powers, it looks just like any other light fixture you'd have in your bathroom.

How Does It Work?

Unlike other bacteria-killing lights, Ellumi incorporates a unique technology that uses LEDs instead of UV or chemicals, making it completely safe for your family and pets. And there's proof: Scientists have found that there are specific wavelengths that destroy up to 99 percent of germs on surfaces. Sign us up!

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