These ideas might also increase your home’s value, too.

By Sarah Yang
April 11, 2016
David Papazian/Getty Images

First impressions do matter, especially in real estate. Buyers might be less likely to check out the rest of a house if the outside is rundown or unattractive—even if the interiors are stunning. If you’re looking to sell your house, a few quick, inexpensive changes to your home’s exterior could help make the process easier for you, from being able to sell faster and adding more value to the asking price. “Buyers start making assumptions about a home well before they step inside,” says Jeremy Wacksman, Chief Marketing Officer at Zillow. “Taking the time ensure your home looks its best both inside and out will help sellers get the best price possible for their home.”

To help homeowners with their curb appeal potential, Zillow Digs, the real estate site’s portal for décor and home improvement inspiration, recently conducted a survey in which they asked interior design experts and real estate professionals for their top 10 exterior fixes. “Whether you’re getting ready to sell, or you’re just looking to add a little extra pizazz to your home’s exterior, boosting your curb appeal can be quicker and easier than you might expect, you just have to pick the right projects,” says Kerrie Kelly of Kerrie Kelly Design Lab, a Zillow Digs expert. “Many of these quick-fix projects can be done in an afternoon, and without professional help. But be careful—anything that requires electrical work, fencing, or major landscaping are best left to the experts.”

Take a look at the top 10 curb appeal tips, which Zillow Digs shared exclusively with, below:

David Papazian/Getty Images

Paint Your Front Door

First on your to-do list should be the front door—use it to greet any potential buyers. “Let your front door speak to your home’s style with a new coat of paint,” says Kelly. “A beautiful front door color can completely refresh your home.” You can go with a tried-and-true classic like black or charcoal, or pick a bold hue like bright red or yellow.

Replace Your Mailbox

It’s all about the details, so if your mailbox looks like it’s going to topple over or is rusty, it might be time to bring a new one in.

Update Hardware and Lighting Fixtures

“Replace your street numbers,” says Christina Salway of 11211 Interior Design. “Don’t underestimate the impact of little details like swapping out junky old street numbers for something fresh and modern. It can be transformative and only takes about $15 and 15 minutes!” The same can be said for door hardware (doorknobs and door knockers) and porch or entry lighting.

Revamp Your Garage Door

Much like your front door, your garage door might need a fresh coat of paint, too, but instead of making it stand out, paint it a complementary or matching color to your home’s exterior. “Garage doors can be eyesores, so blending it into the home can help make it ‘disappear,’” says Marc Thee of Marc-Michaels Interiors.  

Illuminate Your Space

You’ll most likely do showings during the day, but just in case prospective buyers drive by at night, you’ll want to make sure it’s attractive 24/7. “Another fantastic way to boost your home’s curb appeal (and perhaps its resale value) is to add lighting along pathways and porch entrances for a touch of elegance,” says Kelly. She suggests solar lights, which are easier to maintain.

Add Potted Plants

Plants can breathe some life into a space and make it seem lived-in and well cared for. “Varying heights of annuals or perennials grouped together at either side of the walkway can make a huge statement for your curb appeal,” says Thee.

Do a Thorough Cleaning

A marathon cleaning session can also do wonders for your curb appeal. “Power wash or hose down your exterior, driveway, and sidewalk,” says Leslie Ebersole, a real estate agent for Baird & Warner in Illinois's Fox Valley region.

Refresh Your Outdoor Furniture

Any outdoor furniture that’s old and in need of repair should be tossed out or updated. “Try a quick coat of spray paint on front porch benches or outdoor seating to freshen it up,” says Thee.

Bring in Fresh Bark

If you don’t have a green thumb, now might not be the time to start planting a full garden. Just add “new bark in all the garden beds,” says Kevin Kieffer, a Keller Williams real estate agent in the cities of Walnut Creek and Danville in California. 

Trim Overhanging Greenery or Shrubs

Clean up your garden by getting rid of weeds and dead plants and flowers. “Cut back overgrown bushes and trim trees to make sure your place looks clean and crisp,” says Ebersole.