This $30 Amazon Find Makes Stairs 'So Much Safer'

The anti-slip tape is a must for new parents and people with elderly dogs.

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Marble, hardwood, or carpet? That might be the biggest question facing homeowners who are redesigning their flooring, but if you go with the former two and have stairs, you'll want to make sure you have anti-slip precautions in place. There's actually an easy way you can avoid taking frequent tumbles down slippery stairs, and no, it won't ruin the way your gorgeous staircase looks.

This clear anti-slip stair tread tape has helped Amazon shoppers make their stairs ″much safer″ while allowing their hardwood to remain visible. The tape is extremely grippy, easy to apply, and simple to clean, according to reviewers. It has more than 2,100 five-star ratings, and right now you can even get a 15-pack for as little as $30 depending on what size you order.


To buy: From $30 (was $33);

The tread tape is available in three different pre-cut lengths, so you can easily order them in the size most suitable for your stair width (or even trim them a little to find the perfect fit). They're made of a non-skid vinyl material that won't harm your stairs, and each pack includes a roller to remove air bubbles when applying the tape.

Amazon shoppers recommend cleaning your stairs first to prevent dust and mud from getting trapped under the tape. Then, start by peeling off just a couple inches of the adhesive from its packet, placing it on the step as you keep peeling, and rolling the exposed part onto the stairs. Doing so minimizes air bubbles and ensures a secure fit onto your steps.

Reviewers say that even with the tape on, their stairs remain easy to clean. "If we have any particularly stubborn dust or debris, a quick swipe with a lint brush works wonders," wrote a shopper. And you can still vacuum or wipe down floors with a damp cloth as usual, another noted.

Many others raved about how effective the tape is at preventing slips and falls. A pregnant reviewer ordered it to avoid slipping while carrying their baby up and down the stairs. They said the strips were "easy to install" and their "stairs now feel much safer" even when they only wear socks. They even added that "the strips themselves are barely noticeable."

Pet parents also say the tape is essential for dog owners—especially those with elderly pups. One wrote that their dog now walks up and down the stairs "with confidence" after previously sustaining a bad fall, while another said the tape relieved their anxiety about their dogs falling down steps and breaking bones.

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