Restoring this colonial home in Salem, Massachusetts, has been a three-year project for the homeowners. The rooms are filled with rich colors, unique accessories, and bold accents—peek inside for tips and tricks for creating a home that suits your distinct style and taste.

By Lauren Phillips
October 25, 2018

When Stacey Norkun and her husband, Chris, decided it was time to leave their home in Washington, D.C., the New England city of Salem, Massachusetts, was “the obvious choice,” Stacey says. The couple had visited Salem while they were dating and adored it; its setting and legacy of embracing the past while looking to the future made it feel like home, even before they actually had a home there.

When it came time to picking a home, Stacey loved that most for-sale houses had a historic exterior. The interiors, though, either had a traditional approach to décor, with antique-heavy spaces, or were gutted and turned into modern spaces that had little connection to the homes’ historic exteriors and settings.

“I was really inspired to make the interior of our home [have] that kitschiness that Salem evokes, and to really inject the fun and history of what that city offers into the home,” she says.

The home they finally chose—a 1756 build that sits across from the graveyard where its former residents rest—has been transformed. It’s eclectic, creative, and appropriately eerie, fitting for the home’s historic Salem setting. It pushes the boundaries of the couple’s personal style, and crafting it has become a hobby and a lifestyle for them over the last three and a half years.

“Some people like to have nice cars, or they go boating once a week, or whatever,” Stacey says. “This is where we like to spend time together. We love doing projects together.”

To help kickstart her own creative process for each room, Stacey—an artist herself, and a brand director for Hilton—worked with designers from Havenly, a budget-friendly platform that connects people with interior designers who can help them craft their ideal spaces. Stacey, who had a distinct vision for each room, worked with four different Havenly designers who helped her achieve curated looks and feels in each space.

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“It feels cohesive, but at the same time, each room gives you a really different experience,” Stacey says. Scroll on to see inside:

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