“I use this for getting sticky fingerprints and crayon off my walls, and it does an amazing job!”

By Jayla Andrulonis
Updated January 23, 2020
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Credit: amazon.com

Reaching for the blouse or dress you planned on wearing only to discover it’s much more wrinkled than you thought is a bummer. Hopefully you have a mini steamer nearby so you can quickly smooth things out without resorting to setting up a tedious ironing board (a portable one is a definite travel essential, by the way). If you don’t, enthusiastic Amazon shoppers have found one that does more than save hundreds on dry cleaning bills.

The small-but-mighty, best-selling Hilife Handheld Mini Travel Steamer is designed to supply a steady stream of wrinkle-fighting steam for a full 15 minutes on just one cup of water. It’d be fine if the uses for this $25 steamer ended with smoothing out a button-down shirt in mere seconds, but what keeps drawing customers to this product is its surprising cleaning power, like its ability to clear stuck-on grime off baseboards.

Browsing through the more than 5,300 perfect ratings for the steamer are reviews detailing its many unexpected uses. They’re truly “why didn’t I think of that?!”-level hacks that elicited an audible “huh!” from this writer.

“I’m a professional cleaning specialist and use this at the banks I clean to get upholstered seats cleaned,” one shopper wrote. “I’m also a mom of two toddlers and use this for getting sticky finger prints and crayon off my walls. It does an amazing job, no chemicals needed!”

“This is an amazing little steamer! It is small enough to take it with us when we travel and it’s an awesome cleaning tool,” said another reviewer. “We are on a well so the calcium that builds up is nearly impossible to remove… It cleaned the shower enclosure and the buildup around the shower head and handles. ”

Head to Amazon to buy the genius device. Whether you store it alongside your clothes or your cleaning supplies is up to you.

Credit: amazon.com

To buy: $25; amazon.com.