Plus, the ingenious duvet cover trick she learned while growing up in France. 

By Katie Holdefehr
May 07, 2018

Quintessential French style has long been synonymous with "effortlessly chic," and in the home decor world, casual-cool California style is the coveted look of the moment, with popular designers like Emily Henderson and Amber Lewis leading the charge. So when you combine the two easy-going aesthetics, the result is a sure-fire recipe for style success. The proof? Online home decor shop Happy French Gang. Founded in 2013 by Sandra Dejanovic, who moved from France to California in 2010, Happy French Gang calls itself a "combination of French vision with California creation." The result is an assortment of tie-dyed pillows, graphic tea towels, and the sweetest baby swaddles—all delivering laid-back style. To learn more about how Happy French Gang got its start and how growing up in France influenced the founder's sense of style, we asked Sandra about everything from the French duvet cover trick (it's genius!) to how travel inspires her designs. 

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