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Smart advice, products, and recipes for living a cleaner, healthier lifestyle.

All-Natural Living Tips

6 Natural Remedies for Your Belly and Below-the-Belt Issues

Stomachache? Cramps? Here’s how to get relief—naturally.

Month-by-Month Guide to Vegetable Gardening

How to prep, plant, and maintain your garden for a bountiful harvest every season.


4 All-Natural Ways to Boost Your Sex Drive

You might not need a pill—just a few small tweaks to your daily routine.

7 Natural Remedies for Your Eyes, Nose, and Mouth

Remedies to soothe mouth sores, ease dry eyes—and more.


Clean Living

10 Unexpected Natural Cleaners

Around-the-house staples that moonlight as dirt-busting superstars.

How to Save on Green Goods

Need a quick lesson in eco-nomics? Check out four ways to preserve cash―and the planet.

6 Seals for Natural Beauty Products

You’re eyeing up that beauty product, but you want to know: Is it organic? Natural? Here’s how to decode those mysterious symbols on the packaging.

7 Principles of Healthy Eating

The remedy for eating better isn’t deprivation, blandness, or a rigid diet―it’s incorporating good habits into your life.