A Beginner's Guide to Indoor Composting (Without Worms!)

See the clever composting setup that Simply host Haley Cairo created that'll work for everyone (even if you don't have a backyard).

Nearly a quarter of waste that ends up in landfills is food waste—which can be used in other ways, such as composting. Composting allows brown waste (leaves and twigs), green waste (grass clippings, vegetable waste, coffee grounds, and eggshells), and water to turn into rich enhancements to help your garden grow. But if you don't have backyard space to devote to a compost pile or want to commit to tending a worm composter in your home, there are easier, more efficient ways to keep your food waste out of the landfill.

You might be able to drop off food scraps at your local farmers market, and some areas offer curbside composting pickup. But you can also DIY it easily at home with a few new tools.

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Vitamix FoodCycler

Vitamix Recycler

This countertop appliance transforms food scraps into fertilizer for your plants in just a few hours—and can even take waste like chicken bones that aren't usually compost pile-friendly.

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Food-Grade Storage Bucket

Food-Grade Container

When her garden is dormant during the winter, Haley stores her FoodCycler output in this food-grade storage bucket until she's ready to mix it into her garden soil or plant pots.

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