They’re perfect for your desk too.

By Maya Gandara
Updated March 24, 2020
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If you’ve been looking for simple ways to spruce up your small space, plants might be the answer. Adding a little greenery is a low-maintenance way to not only decorate your home, but also to bring a little nature inside—and what better time to do that than the start of spring? We’d guess that’s why Bloomscape, an online plant shop that delivers a variety of species right to your home, dropped its newest line of cacti today.

The company’s Mojave Collection features three mini-cacti that are ready to camp out on your windowsill or desk thanks to their extra-small size. Additionally, Bloomscape released two larger cactus plants, one medium (up to 32 inches) and one large (up to 40 inches), for those seeking something bigger to occupy the corners of their home.

All three mini-cacti arrive in clay pots, hail from varying locations across the globe, and are no more than 12 inches in height. Each plant’s care instructions are low-maintenance enough for beginner plant parents; cacti require notoriously little water, so these varieties just need plenty of bright light, making them ideal companions for light-filled windows and areas. And since cacti work to remove toxins from their surroundings, they provide a healthier breathing atmosphere.

Learn more about each cacti in the Mojave Collection—they were selected by Bloomscape’s very own in-house “Plant Mom,” Joyce—plus see more info on the new large plants below.

Bloomscape Mojave Collection
Credit: Bloomscape

Mojave Collection: Fairy Castle Cactus

As its given name suggests, this dwarf cactus plant that can naturally be found everywhere from Florida and Texas to South America has many small branches that stem out at varying heights to create the illusion of a castle. Within each branch are even smaller white spines that grow across its five sides. Requiring lots of sun and little water, this tiny plant keeps things easy, yet it must be kept away from pets.

Mojave Collection: Bullwinkle Cactus

From the coastline of northwestern Haiti, this little cactus thrives in dry and warm conditions. The pet-friendly plant has large pads that typically grow with few spines, if any. Plop it in the bright sunlight and watch it flourish—if you’re lucky enough, the plant might even produce tiny red flowers.

Mojave Collection: Golden Barrel Cactus

The most low-maintenance of them all, this circular cactus plant is native to the deserts of central Mexico. It doesn’t grow very quickly indoors, but if it sees enough bright light, it has the potential to grow small yellow flowers. The Golden Barrel is considered pet-friendly, but both you and your furry friend should be wary of its sharp spines.

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Prickly Pear

Bloomscape Prickly Pear
Credit: Bloomscape

This prickly bright green cactus features paddle-shaped pads and requires the least upkeep, making it ideal for those with little time on their hands. The medium-sized plant will thrive in a warm, sunny corner due to its hot, dry desert origins. In its pot, the plant sits between 13 and 20 inches tall.

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Hedge Cactus

Bloomscape Cacti Hedge
Credit: Bloomscape

The largest of all the options (between 32 and 40 inches tall), this pet-friendly blue-green plant only requires water when its soil is completely dry. Hedge cacti have a history of being pollinated by bats, afterwards producing edible fruits called pitaya that serve as food for desert birds. In your home, the cacti will be an eye-catching feature that may even grow little white flowers.

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