Three of the photographer’s whimsical, colorful prints are now available online from Anthropologie.

By Lauren Phillips
Updated June 07, 2018
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Bondi Beach by Gray Malin - Anthropologie
Credit: Anthropologie

You can now buy Gray Malin wall art at Anthropologie, just in time to give your home the summer-ready update you’ve been craving. Gray Malin is a photographer known for his colorful shots of coastal locales and vivid blue seascapes, often from his signature aerial perspective. The photographer has several series of work capturing destinations such as coastal Italy, Miami, Hawaii, and more—he’s even ventured inland for shots of places such as Park City, Utah, and Italy’s Lake Como.

His shots are typically only available on his website, but now three of them are for sale on Anthropologie’s website. Malin announced the new collaboration on his Instagram, along with a competition to win one of three signed Malin photographs and Anthropologie gift cards.

The majority of his work depicts bright, colorful moments with rich, cheerful blue and pink hues or fantastic elements, such as balloon-bedecked llamas. The three images now available at Anthropologie fall along these same lines: The Cabana is more muted than the other two, with coral and white tones and a central image of three sets of legs holding beach balls. (To buy: $488;

Also available online is Bondi Beach, which is reflective of Malin’s aerial style, featuring a colorful assortment of beach umbrellas and towels. (To buy: $418; The third image is the most soothing of the three, featuring a all-but-deserted beach with striking blue waters and two people walking along it; it’s dubbed Grand Saline Beach, St. Barths. (To buy: $438;

The Anthropologie wall art doesn’t come cheap, but none of Malin’s high-quality prints do—11.5” x 17” inch prints on his site start at $299, plus an additional $160 for a frame. The Anthropologie prints are slightly larger than that (all 15.5” x 21.5”) and come with premium hardwood frames, a solid deal if you don’t mind having some wall art many of your neighbors might also pick up. (Prints sold on Malin’s site are released in limited editions.) These prints join Malin’s photo books (including Beaches) in the Anthropologie collection.