goop x CB2 is a gorgeous, brand-new collection of Gwyneth-approved furniture, and we already have our favorites.

By Lauren Phillips
Updated August 30, 2018
goop x cb2 collection - header
Credit: Courtesy of CB2

Gwyneth Paltrow may have a spotty record for dispensing health and wellness tips (remember vaginal steaming?), but no one can deny that she has quite the eye for fashion and home décor (even if her taste does run a bit expensive). Thanks to the new goop x CB2 collection, mimicking the actress and lifestyle maven’s trademark streamlined-but-luxurious look is completely doable, whether you’re looking to add a few new accent pieces to your home or do a complete, goop-approved overhaul.

The goop x CB2 collection includes 57 new pieces, from geometric wall mirrors to delicate china-esque dinnerware and elegant sofas. All together, the pieces strike an eclectic, sophisticated tone, and prices go from $10 to $5,796. (We did say Gwyneth has pricey tastes!) Items are available for purchase from and CB2 stores, and limited products will be available on

We’ve picked out the hard-working pieces that can mesh into your space’s current aesthetic while still introducing a mature (and a little bit wacky) feel.

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goop x CB2 collection - Curvo Pink Velvet Sofa
Credit: Courtesy of CB2

1 Curvo Pink Velvet Sofa

This chaise-like sofa is purportedly Gwyneth’s favorite of the collection, with a sloped back that–as the press release describes–“is as undeniably elegant as it is comfortable.” If pink isn’t your color (or it’s just too difficult to match), the Curvo is also available in gray velvet.

To buy: $1,999;

goop x CB2 collection - Jelly Bean Coffee Table
Credit: Courtesy of CB2

2 Jelly Bean Coffee Table

The eye-grabbing curves of this low-profile coffee table can offset a large, geometric sofa, or the table can serve as a fresh statement piece. The bright white finish suits it to any space, but if you’re looking for a functional coffee table to pile magazines and books on, this one probably isn’t for you. (Try this one instead!)

To buy: $549;

goop x CB2 collection - Moze Indoor Swing Chair
Credit: Courtesy of CB2

3 Moze Indoor Swing Chair

What’s more luxurious than an indoor swing chair? What's more unnecessary and yet absolutely necessary at the same time?

The Moze has a plush cushion so you can comfortably put your feet up and read, sip tea, or do whatever else it is people with swings in their home do for as long as you like.

To buy: $1,299;

goop x CB2 collection - Curve Ball Match Striker
Credit: Courtesy of CB2

4 Curve Ball Match Striker

You may not have any use for a match striker, but this bronze and glass one from the goop x CB2 collection is so eye-grabbing, it deserves a place next to your vases and other objets d’art. Plus, its retro functionality can serve as a great conversation starter.

To buy: $50;

goop x CB2 collection - Sedona Floor Pillow Set
Credit: Courtesy of CB2

5 Sedona Floor Pillow Set

This pillow set includes the Sedona Large Zabuton Floor Pillow (To buy: $230; and the Sedona Small Zafu Pillow (To buy: $49;, which can be used for a variety of purposes (extra seating! Comfy décor! Pet beds!) separately, but together make a stylish meditation seat.

To buy: $279;