This was made for people who can never choose between paint chips. 

By Katie Holdefehr
Updated March 07, 2018
Google Art Palette App Feature
Credit: Google

You likely remember when Google's Arts & Culture app went viral back in January for its feature that matches up selfies with paintings from a huge database of art from museums around the world. The feature was fun to test out (and everyone loved sharing the often-hilarious results on Instagram), but the latest addition to the app could completely change how you decorate.

This morning, Google announced the Art Palette feature on the Arts & Culture app, which can pull out the color palette from a work of art. More than just a fun feature to try out, it has the potential to help you with your next home project. One of the most important steps to creating a cohesive home design is choosing a color palette—and picking an "anchor piece" can help. The anchor piece guides the design choices in a room, and while it's often a work of art, it could be a rug you adore or a pillow you love. Starting with the anchor piece, the app can pull out the colors in the painting or item, providing you with a palette to guide your paint choices, furniture picks, and decor purchases. This way, you'll never have to wonder if all of the colors you're choosing "go together," because the artist has already figured that out for you.

Here's how it works: First, you upload a photo taken on your phone of the artwork (or furniture) that you're planning to incorporate into the room. The app will search through its extensive archive, identifying pieces of art that contain matching colors to those in the uploaded image. It then dissects each work of art into its component colors. Once you find a palette you love, let it guide your room choices. A neutral color from the palette could influence your paint pick (bring it to the store with you to get a custom-matched color), and let a bright or unexpected hue influence the details in the room, like the throw pillows on the sofa or a few accents on the bookshelf.

If you currently feel like your home decor is a jumble of styles and colors, this app could help you hone in on a specific palette and figure out which hues you gravitate towards. Start with a painting you'd happily stare at for hours, and it could help you design a room you'll love to live in for years.