These 10 Amazon Finds Make It Possible to Create a Lush Garden in Urban Spaces

Shop vertical planters, tiered garden carts, and hanging pots.

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Urban Gardening Essentials

If you think that the houseplants in your apartment are the closest thing to you'll get to having a garden this summer, think again. Even if you reside in an urban city, there are several measures you can take to exercise your green thumb. Whether you have a small balcony, tiny patio, or just a few windows, you can make the most of your outdoor space with some simple hacks from Amazon.

When you don't have soil to dig, potted plants are your best bet for creating a lush garden. At Amazon, you can shop individual planters, tiered garden carts, and hanging plants to take advantage of your space. There are also clever vertical wall planters, climbing plant stands, and window boxes you can use to facilitate more room for plant growth.

Transform your limited outdoor plot with our 10 favorite space-saving planters, starting at $24.

D'vine Dev Terracotta Planter Set

Urban Gardening Essentials

If you're a gardening beginner, start small with just a few pots on your balcony or kitchen window. This set of terracotta planters is perfect for dressing up accent tables or benches in your patio. Plus, they come with drainage holes and saucers.

La Jolie Muse Hanging Planter Set

Urban Gardening Essentials

Adding hanging planters is one of the easiest ways to incorporate more plants without taking up too much space. This set provides depth and texture to outdoor living spaces, and it's a great solution if you have a mid-floor balcony—just be mindful of the drainage holes at the bottom.

Bamworld Tiered Plant Stand

Urban Gardening Essentials

This best-selling tiered plant stand can hold at least seven potted plants in one stylish place. There are several different configurations available, so you can choose the best option for your space.

ShopLaLa Wall Planter Set of Two

Urban Gardening Essentials

Whether you want to support climbing vines or display an array of potted plants, this wall planter makes the most of your vertical outdoor layout. You can choose from individual planters or sets of two through five, depending on what you envision for your home.

Keter Urban Bloomer Raised Garden Bed

Urban Gardening Essentials

This raised garden bed allows you to grow your favorite annuals or a small vegetable garden, even when you don't have a plot of land. It includes a seeding tray, water reservoir, drainage system, water gauge, and a shelf on the bottom to hold potted plants or garden supplies.

Amazing Creation Stackable Planter Vertical Garden Pots

Urban Gardening Essentials

At just 1-foot tall, this five-tier stackable plant stand holds up to 15 plants including flowers, herbs, and small fruits and vegetables. It's made of durable polypropylene that's resistant to cracking or fading.

Lawyamai Window Boxes

Urban Gardening Essentials

Even if you don't have a balcony or patio, you can still grow flowers with some window boxes. This set of two metal lattice window boxes comes with a coconut coir liner to keep soil and plants healthy. And it features adjustable brackets to fit on any window sill.

Torevisor Five-Tier Vertical Garden Bed

Urban Gardening Essentials

If you dream of having an abundant garden but you don't have plots of soil, this planter allows you to grow five flower beds in just a little over two feet of space. The five-tiered, vertical polypropylene garden bed is durable and comes with wheels to move throughout your home.

Planter's Choice Herb Window Garden Kit

Urban Gardening Essentials

Nothing is better than enjoying fresh herbs in the summer, and this kit makes it easy to grow them on your window ledge or patio. The set includes nine different herbs like basil, parsley, and cilantro, along with their pots, bamboo markers, and soil disks.

La Jolie Muse Wall Hanging Planter Set

Urban Gardening Essentials

This wall planter set easily decorates the exterior of your home much like a piece of art or sconce would for the interior. The weather-resistant material ensures that it's safe to use outdoors, while the detailed speckled design makes it an eye-catching statement piece for your patio.

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