Make that green space an eco-friendly spot, too, with these simple sustainable gardening tips.

By Lauren Phillips
February 11, 2019

Anyone with an outdoor garden—or even an indoor garden—likely knows the positive benefits of spending time in green spaces, especially if those spaces are created with sustainable gardening practices. Putting landscape design ideas into effect can give a home’s curb appeal a major boost, while adding special garden features (think vertical gardens and container gardening planters and urns) indoors or outdoors can actually improve moods, air quality, and more. Doing all this in an eco-friendly way, using sustainable gardening tricks, can even protect and better the surrounding ecosystem.

Planting and nurturing live plants, especially outdoors, is good for the environment; doing so in environmentally conscious ways is even better, especially considering that some gardening methods (pesticides, chemical fertilizers, weed-killers) can actually damage the surrounding environment. Even people who are diligent about reusing, reducing, and recycling might struggle to apply comparable sustainable practices to their gardens, but never fear: The lawn and garden experts at outdoor tool company Troy-Bilt have some simple tricks for making environmentally friendly choices outdoors.

Spring may not have arrived just yet, but planning ahead can make implementing eco-friendly gardening practices much easier. It can also make spring feel like it’s truly on its way. With these easy tricks, sustainable gardening methods will feel just as doable as traditional ones—you’ll just feel better about your impact on the environment.

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