Garden tools, but make it art.

Cool garden tools - garden glory gear watering can and hose tout

Garden tools tend to be pretty standard. Most garden tools are utilitarian necessities, not anything you’d want to put on display. A trowel is a trowel, hoses are more of an eyesore than décor, and no amount of cute fabric can make gardening gloves look cool; that’s just how it is. This supposedly utilitarian standard means that any garden tools that don’t look like tools stand out, especially when they’re practically works of art.

This is the case with Garden Glory, a new line of garden tools and essentials that are, appropriately, glorious. Garden Glory takes an approach to garden tools that’s flamboyant, playful, and a little bit funky, offering must-haves such as hoses, garden organizers, watering cans, and more that turn the utilitarian garden tool tradition on its head. Whether you’re tackling a vertical garden or focusing on container gardening, these practical-but-precious tools make your gardening tool kit or area look more interesting than you could ever imagine.

Fair warning: Garden Glory’s singular line isn’t for timid decorators. These tools—think a bird feeder shaped like a diamond ring or silver and gold gardening gloves—are 100 percent maximalist, with a glamorous bend that will make even standard plants pop. Trying to bring a sub-par succulent back to life? Replant it in a pot shaped like a lion’s head, and no one will be asking if you’re over-watering it. (Our guide to watering plants can also help with that.)

Garden tools - Garden Glory pot, hose, bird feeder, and more

Some of the tools and accessories are downright outrageous—a gold hose holder shaped like reindeer antlers, anyone?—but in a way that makes you want them, ASAP. You’ve probably never considered the attractiveness of a hose holder (or the hose itself, for that matter), but Garden Glory’s selection—which includes garden hoses that look more like lawn décor than yard tools—will have you analyzing every hose set-up you come across.

Garden Glory’s tools have high-end vibes, but they don’t necessarily have high-end prices—while some items, like the bird feeder or the larger ornate planters, cost a pretty penny, smaller items (think the geometric watering cans) are downright affordable. Plus, everything is made with high-quality materials, so they’re sure to last. Garden Glory is Scandinavian, and while this isn’t the Scandinavian design you’ve come to know from IKEA and stores like it, it is still trustworthy and well-made—just with a little more magic.

Gardening is rewarding and engaging, sure, but is it glamorous? Not necessarily—though these wonderfully extravagant garden tools might just make it so.