Picking Perfect Front Door Plants Has Never Been Easier, Thanks to This Company

Knock! Knock! is here to make your home's entrance look spectacular, all year long—and all it takes is the right front door plants.

Knock! Knock! front door plants service
Photo: Courtesy of Knock! Knock!

Plenty of outdoor and front door décor can make or break curb appeal—because lawn care really matters, remember—but the front door (and any front door plants) functions as the focal point of the entire house. There could be landscaping ideas at work, but if the front door looks half-hearted, the whole property will fall short of looking its best.

Whether you're getting ready to sell your home or simply preparing for warmer weather, maintaining a good-looking front door is key to helping the house look welcoming and cared-for to anyone passing by. New front door paint is always an option, but so are new front door plants—and a brand new service is making curating gorgeous front door arrangements easy, doable, and affordable, even for those lacking green thumbs or a penchant for container gardening.

Knock! Knock!—owned by The Scotts Company, the brand behind Scotts Miracle-Gro and other gardening and lawn care companies—ships two arrangements of flowers and plants to customers each season. The seasonal arrangements will arrive at the same time, to be placed on either side of the front door, in plant trays that make planting easy. Homeowners or renters will need to pick up two planters on their own (that are 12 to 16 inches wide) and care for their new front door plants, but Knock! Knock! takes care of the rest.

To determine the perfect arrangement for each home, Knock! Knock! has customers fill out a quick quiz where they can input zip codes (for plants that are regionally-appropriate), describe the style of the front door, and even select a planter style closest to theirs. Responses help the Knock! Knock! team put together the perfect assortment of plants and flowers to adorn the front door.

Customers can sign up for a subscription service that sends a pair of new arrangements each season for $65 per season, and anyone needing a one-time front door plant set-up can order one season's supply for $75. Knock! Knock! ships to 47 states, but not California, Alaska, or Hawaii, unfortunately

Putting together landscaping designs and learning how to pick a front door color take time and careful consideration, but Knock! Knock! makes adding colorful, eye-grabbing front door plants a breeze, without so much as a trip to the local plant nursery.

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