7 Binge-Worthy Gardening Shows to Inspire Your Outdoor Space

Fast forward to spring with these inspirational gardening shows.

If you're ready to skip ahead to spring (or maybe summer), gardening shows are the perfect binge-watch right now. Even if you're stuck inside in a deep freeze, taking time to relax and revel in someone else's gorgeous garden could have you thinking spring.

Whether you're looking for inspiration to improve your own garden when the weather warms up, want practical tips to fix your biggest backyard problems, or simply want to check out some all-natural eye candy, there's a gardening show that's just exactly what you need.

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Big Dreams, Small Spaces

Big Dreams Small Spaces Garden Show
Amazon Prime

Want some really real reality TV? On this British gardening show, landscape master Monty Don serves as the mentor as families transform their gardens bit by bit over a period of months.

Where to stream: Amazon Prime

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Backyard Takeover

Backyard Takeover Garden Show

Landscape designer Jamie Durie slices and dices his way through the most overgrown and neglected landscapes to help deserving families create their dream backyards in four days.

Where to watch: Discovery+

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Martha Knows Best

Martha Knows Best Streaming Garden Show

It isn't always about gardening, but there are plenty of tips and tricks for planting, harvesting and using things from the garden—along with a sneak peek at Martha's fabulous quarantine life on her gorgeous farm with her uberfamous friends.

Where to stream: Discovery+

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The Get Growing Roadshow

Get Growing Roadshow

This New Zealand-based streaming garden show offers a little bit of everything. Experts help average people solve common problems or figure out what mystery plants are—kind of like Antiques Roadshow with rhododendrons—and inspiration from some spectacular public gardens and makeovers.

Where to stream: Amazon Prime

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Big Flower Fight

Big Flower Fight

While not a garden show in the most traditional sense, the dramatic displays built from flowers, plants, and other natural materials on this binge-worthy Netflix competition are fantastic during a long, cold winter.

Where to stream: Netflix

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Grow, Cook, Eat

Grow Cook Eat Streaming Garden Show

This Irish streaming garden show takes farm to table seriously, sharing tips on how to grow a particular fruit or veggie—then showcasing how to use it in recipes.

Where to Stream: Amazon Prime

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Ground Force

Getty Images

Episodes of this classic British garden makeover show focus on revamping the yards of deserving families—often small yards, which is helpful if your space is tight. Bonus: At the end, they revisit old projects a year later to see how the gardens have grown.

Where to stream: Amazon Prime

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