Let these colorful plants perk up your outdoor space.

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Plants That Will Add Color to Your Yard
Credit: Getty Images

If high-maintenance flowers have no place, or chance of survival, in your backyard, then here’s some great news: You don’t need to plant a ton of flowers to add color to your landscape. These vibrant plants and shrubs are not only vibrant and colorful, but also surprisingly easy to care for. Ready to boost the style in your outdoor space? Consider planting one of the varieties below.

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Colorful Outdoor Plants, Nandina
Credit: Home Depot

1 Nadina

Depending on the specific type you choose, this beautiful evergreen shrub can have either yellow-green, orange, or rich red foliage. Pretty middle of the road in terms of maintenance, it does well in full sun or partial shade and only needs a moderate amount of water. Also known as heavenly bamboo, this disease- and pest-resistant plant has thick spreading roots that make it incredibly hardy and difficult to remove.

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Loropetalum plant
Credit: seven75/Getty Images

2 Loropetalum

So pretty, you won’t believe how easy this flowering shrub is to care for. Producing purple-pink flowers during the spring and summer, the leaves retain their purple-ish hue throughout the winter. Not fussy, Loropetalum works in full or partial sun and prefers slightly acidic soil that isn’t overly damp. No worries if you don’t want to prune this plant, either, it’s so low-maintenance once it’s in the backyard. Even better, it's also pest- and disease-resistant.

Colorful Outdoor Plants, Abelia
Credit: Getty Images

3 Abelia

While its variegated foliage can range in colors from yellow and green to pink depending on the varietal you choose, you’ll enjoy watching them change with the seasons. Coming in a little under four feet tall, you can use them to create a charming border. They thrive in full or partial sun and well-drained garden soil. An added bonus: these evergreen shrubs attract butterflies and birds.

Colorful Outdoor Plants, Astilbe
Credit: Frederic Didillon/Getty Images

4 Astilbe

A real showstopper, these beauties produce fluffy small flowers that come in multiple colors like pink, lavender, white, and peach. Not your garden-variety flower, it does well even under shady conditions. Astilbe needs slightly moist soil that never fully dries out, which is why it’s perfect for covered areas. Growing about eighteen inches tall, you can either cut them for a fresh bouquet or let them add some bold pops of colors to the yard. Just keep them out of the full sun!

Colorful Outdoor Plants, Barberry
Credit: Monrovia

5 Barberry

One tough little plant, don't be fooled by the beautiful orangey red foliage—it has some bite to it, thanks to its thorny stems. It’s also deer-resistant, which is no easy feat. Drought tolerant once it has been planted, it needs partial to full sun to properly thrive to its maximum height of up to four feet.

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Sunshine’ Ligustrum plant, yellow
Credit: FastGrowingTrees.com

6 Sunshine Ligustrum

Hardy and easy to care for, this evergreen shrub sports golden foliage year round and can flourish in some serious heat. Drought tolerant, Ligustrum thrives in full sun and doesn’t like its soil to be damp, so plant it in an area that has adequate drainage. With no pruning required except for the snipping of dead branches as needed, once you get this shrub growing, it’s very low-maintenance.

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